So, you two lovebirds found the perfect piece of Kelowna real estate for your love nest. Now, where are you going to put everything?


So you’ve said, “I do,” or maybe just, “Let’s try this living together thing.” And somewhere between looking at Kelowna houses for sale and experiencing the romance of sharing dishes, laundry, cooking, yard work, and grocery shopping in your dream home…you’re thinking about the marriage of your things. 

If you’ve ever seen one of those de-cluttering shows, you know there are three simple paths to managing ‘stuff’ so you can say goodbye to the unnecessary and make room for the keepers. Here, then, are your three piles and your path to cohabitating happiness in all sizes of Kelowna properties.

What to Keep

You’re used to having that whole closet to yourself.  Maybe two of them. Now, though, in that beautiful piece of Kelowna real estate you now own together, it’s time to pare down and pair up. Here is a guide to the big things you can definitely justify keeping:

  • The original record collection
  • Skis, snowboards, skates—any expensive sports gear you’ve used in the last two years (see rollerblades in the next list)
  • Heirloom gifts, no matter how gaudy, because you just have to

What to Recycle

Here’s a simple rule: If you haven’t used it or loved it in the last three months, let it go—to the garbage (if you have to) or better yet, a charity store. These items are likely to include:

  • VHS players
  • Video games
  • Origami folded notes from high school
  • Copies of Cosmo and Seventeen
  • Smelly tweed vintage winter coats from your year as a hippie
  • Photos of you and your exes, photos of you topless at Peachfest, photos of you and Santa when you were 23
  • Stuffies you played with when you were six
  • Track and field ribbons they have to give you in elementary school
  • Rollerblades
  • Cheap, broken or threadbare tents and any other camping gear that once belonged to your grandpa
  • The long abandoned three-drawer plastic craft storage centre
  • The bridesmaid dresses you said you’d vacuum in

Really, anything from before college can go. 

What to Sell or Store

His sports cards. The baseball cards. The hockey cards. The jerseys. She says there’s no room, you say you collected these for years. They’re worth something. You’re not just going to throw them away. Fair enough. 

A happy medium for non-music collections typical and eccentric alike in homes with not quite enough storage, is to sell or store. That way the collector doesn’t feel like they have to simply throw away this part of growing up (which may or may not be worth something), but it also won’t infringe on limited space in the home. 

If you’re up for selling rather than storing, you can use the funds for something cool and grown-up for both of you to enjoy in the new house, such as a beverage fridge or even a hot tub! 

Her DIY projects (gone wrong). She probably had a phase when she thought it was fun to go garage sales and charity shops, fix up old dressers and night stands and then decorate the place with them. Except half went unfinished, knob-less or unusable with drawers that don’t actually open (which was fine before you started looking at Kelowna real estate and discovered the joy of cupboards that spring open and closed with ease). Or you’re over the shabby chic look and want something more contemporary, more gender neutral. Kijiji it. All of it.

You probably finding Mr. or Mrs. Right was going to be the tricky part, but perhaps you’ve found a house you love that three other couples are also ogling over. Check out our post A Kelowna Realtor®’s 6 Tips for Winning a Bidding War.


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