Are you looking to purchase a Kelowna home? The process of buying a Kelowna home involves a great Kelowna realtor who is going to work with you to find the home of your dreams. Whether you are looking to downsize, upgrade or purchase your first home there is steps to go through to go from searching for your Kelowna home to closing the sale.

Finding a Kelowna Realtor

In order to begin the process of buying a Kelowna home, you need a great Kelowna realtor who can assist you. A Kelowna realtor knows the ins and outs of the market and can help you with the search for your Kelowna home. To find a great Kelowna realtor, check out why should I hire a Kelowna realtor?

Begin your Home Search for Buying a Kelowna Home

Once you have a great Kelowna realtor, it’s time to begin your home search. Your Kelowna realtor will begin by gathering information and criteria for what you are looking for in a Kelowna home. Once your Kelowna realtor has gathered all of your information and criteria, you will then most likely be sent a few homes that tick off your boxes!


By far the best part of searching for a Kelowna home is the showings. You get to go through potential homes and search for your future home! Your Kelowna realtor will begin to explain the features of every home and answer any questions you may have. Once you have found one you really like, it’s onto the next step!

Put in an Offer & Remove Subjects

Once you have found a Kelowna home that you love and ticks off all of your boxes, it’s time to put in an offer! This process can be a bit stressful so here are some tips,

  • Know the max you are willing to spend before writing anything on paper

  • Know that this may not go through so keep an open mind on other options of homes you saw and if it does go through, congratulations!

Once you have put in an offer, you’ll have to go through removing your subjects. Depending on what you placed in the initial offer will depend on how this part of the process goes, so ask your Kelowna realtor for some advice on how to remove subjects with ease.


Congratulations, you have just removed subjects on your home and it is now SOLD! You are officially a homeowner and we couldn’t be more happier for you. It is now time to pack, schedule movers and enjoy moving into your new place.

The process of buying a Kelowna home can be tricky and stressful, that is why you need a great realtor to guide you through this process. If you are searching for a Kelowna realtor who can help you find your next home, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Call 1-778-760-2860 today!