How to Modernize an Older Luxury Home with Kelowna Appliances

State-of-the-art Kelowna appliances like this range can help modernize any older luxury home.

How to Modernize an Older Luxury Home with Kelowna Appliances

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At Quincy Vrecko & Associates, we deal with all manner of luxury real estate properties. From state-of-the-art architectural wonders perched along cliff tops to older homes on prime Kelowna real estate, we see it all. When it comes to the latter, we’ve decided to turn you over to the Kelowna appliances experts at Genier’s. They have some useful tips that’ll bring your appliance technology into the 21st century.

Luxury real estate has been available in the Okanagan for a lot longer than people realize. Market prices weren’t as steep 20 or 30 years ago, but the properties and homes built on them were no less magnificent. On occasion, some of those older properties come back on the market, and if you’re fortunate enough to snatch one up, one of the first things you should see is if it needs modern Kelowna appliances.


Look past the surface-level esthetics

Being able to look past the surface-level esthetics of an older luxury home—especially one that hasn’t been updated in recent times—is important when trying to ascertain its true potential. Here is a list of things that can detract from a home’s true value (and possibly get you a better deal when it comes time to make an offer):

  • Tacky window coverings
  • Bizarre paint schemes
  • Flooring (think shag carpet)
  • Antiquated cupboard hardware
  • Shabby furniture (if it was used to stage the home)
  • Outdated appliances



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Modern & Sleek design

When it comes time to restore your luxury home to its rightful glory, you can easily expedite the process by installing high-end Kelowna appliances. Here are a few examples of how the cutting-edge technology available at Genier’s will revolutionize any home:



Custom Ranges

Say goodbye to your old harvest gold coil top oven, and say hello to a whole new approach to cooking:

  • Gas: For ease and precision in cooking, it’s hard to beat the BTU power of a six-burner gas range.
  • Steam: Convection steam ovens are quickly becoming sought after for their healthy, yet flavour-preserving, qualities.
  • Induction: It’s difficult to beat the speed and safety of induction cooking technology.



Remember when refrigerators kept some things cool and other items frozen?  These days, they do a whole lot more than that. They crush ice, provide hot and cold water on demand, and even the more basic models look a lot more stylish than they once did.




One way to incorporate Kelowna appliances with an environmentally friendly theme into your modernization project is to consider a laundry set featuring a high-efficiency top load washing machine. Not only do they require less water, they also use a fraction of the electricity of their older counterparts.



If you do buy a washer and dryer, check out this post for some helpful hints: Buying a New Washer & Dryer? What to Do Before Your Kelowna Appliances Arrive.


Buying a luxury home—whether it’s your primary residence or an Okanagan summer property—represents a massive investment. If you’re on the market for high-end real estate, Quincy Vrecko & Associates have the experience and knowledge of the local area that’ll help you pinpoint the home you’ve been looking for.