Kelowna real estate beautifully landscaped

When you have your Kelowna home listed for sale, you want it to stand out. The interior rooms, the exterior and the backyard. Whatever it takes, you want your home to stand out compared to the other homes for sale in the area. This is possible with a few simple steps. In this blog, we are going to focus on how to make your home stand out from the driveway. The front of your Kelowna home is the first thing the buyers will see. How can you make your Kelowna home stand out? Check out these three tips!

Paint the exterior of your Kelowna home

painter painting the exterior of a Kelowna home

Start by painting the exterior of your Kelowna home

One task that you can complete to make your Kelowna home stand out is, PAINTING! Even though this may be a dreaded activity as it takes time and effort, it really does add to the exterior of your home. A fresh coat of paint can make your Kelowna home stand out! Look for a neutral colour that complements other parts of your home. When you paint your home, you should be ready to go with three colours. One as the main colour, one for the trim and one for the front door!

Landscape, landscape and landscape some more

If you think paint does wonders, you’ll be shocked as to how much landscaping can do. Make the front of your home visible. Start by getting rid of the extra dead trees that make your home look crowded. Make your green grass stand out and add those pops of colour with fresh, summer flowers! A little landscaping goes a long way!

modern front door with new hardware

Change out old hardware

Replace all old hardware

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your outdoor door handle, that’s a sign it’s time to be changed out! There are so many new and modern ideas for exterior hardware, this shouldn’t take too long! Don’t forget your home number! If the buyers can’t find your home, chances are your Kelowna home will be crossed off their list!

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