Luxury Real Estate with a Pool

two pool chairs beside a nice clear luxury pool

When purchasing Kelowna luxury real estate, it seems that a main selling feature is the pool in the backyard. The idea of jumping into a nice refreshing pool after a hot day sounds better and better. Summer is just right around the corner. If you are looking to invest in Kelowna luxury real estate with a pool, here are a few things to consider first!

What is the monthly pool maintenance cost? 

piggy bank sitting beside a luxury real estate pool

What does a pool actually cost?

Maintaining a large pool in the backyard of your Kelowna luxury real estate can be a lot of work. Ensuring that the pool is kept clean and safe to swim in is important! You can find a company who will take care of the cleaning for you. This will come at a cost of course. On top of regular cleaning and pool maintenance there are other things you need to worry about! Pool chemicals, filtration systems and other pool related products you will need to ensure you account for! 

Will you use the pool enough?

If you are a family who loves to travel, if you go on frequent business trips or you like to go on spontaneous trips with your significant other, one thing to consider is if you will be using the pool as much as you think. If you have a family cabin that you tend to visit all summer long, will you have time for your new pool? It may seem like a great idea for you but in the end, if it is going to cost you more than you will use it… is it really worth it to you?

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How will your pool affect your resale value?

Will it affect the resale value?

One of the main things to consider is resale value for your Kelowna luxury real estate. If you are thinking of selling your Kelowna luxury real estate in the years to come, consider what the pool could do for your resale value. If you are interested to see what a pool will do for your resale value, contact a Kelowna real estate agent. A Kelowna realtor can help you understand what your luxury real estate is valued at.

If you are looking to purchase Kelowna luxury real estate, contact Quincy Vrecko. Quincy is the luxury real estate agent for Quincy Vrecko and Associates, RE/MAX Kelowna. Quincy is knowledgeable with the Kelowna luxury real estate market. He brings over 28 years of luxury sales experience and knows the ins and outs of the real estate market. If you are looking for a luxury real estate agent in Kelowna, contact Quincy directly today! Call 1-250-863-8810!