Light Up Shows in the Okanagan

Christmas trees lit up with lights in the Okanagan

One of the best ways to kickstart the Holiday Season is gathering together as a community and enjoying the light up shows that the city has to offer. When are they happening? Where can I watch the city light up in beautiful colour? The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates have put together a handy list of the light up shows happening this December. Take it with you and enjoy all that the Okanagan has to offer.

Downtown Kelowna Light Up

group of friends taking a selfie while watching city light up

Bring your friends and enjoy Downtown Kelowna

What better way to kick off December and the Holiday Season by heading to Downtown Kelowna for the Light Up. This free annual event is held in Stuart Park from 11AM – 5:30PM. Live entertainment, free activities, food and our favorite… Santa! New to the Light Up this year is the Winter Street Market happening on Water Street. Get a head start, or finish your Christmas Shopping all while enjoying local shops, great food and the community of Kelowna. What more could you ask for?

Big White Light Up

Now after you are done watching the Downtown Kelowna Light Up, you’ll have to rush up to Big White to see the Light Up show. The light up show and fireworks do not start until 6:30PM. Bring your friends and watch as Big White lights up! Enjoy carnival games, hot chocolate, delicious treats and of course the fireworks and light up show! Don’t forget to dress warm and enjoy all that Big White is about!

group of friends gathered watching the firework display

Gather at Silverstar for a firework display

Silverstar Light Up

Now don’t worry you don’t have to rush over to Silverstar on the same day! Head up to Silverstar on December 8th from 5 – 8 PM. This year not only is Silverstar celebrating the Holiday Season, they are also celebrating their 60th anniversary. This event will be amazing! Similar to Big White, enjoy fireworks and the light up show happening at Silverstar. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for a certain someone named Santa… they are expecting a visit at Silverstar.

With December comes festive activities, community events and beautifully decorated cities covered in lights. If you are not a resident of any of these beautiful areas, you’ll want to be. Light up shows are an annual thing in the Okanagan. Our community gathers and we enjoy the last month of 2017!

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