Out here, when you wake up, all you want to see is the endless sapphire waters of Okanagan Lake. When the sun sets, though, what Kelowna homeowners want is a way to experience the warmth and natural setting of the valley with a fire. Fortunately, a lot of Kelowna real estate gives homeowners both spectacular lake views and stunning fireplaces in the same room.

In fact, more and more homeowners are opting to let fireplaces stand not just in lakefront living rooms, but in every room—from bathrooms and bedrooms to kitchens and decks. And a Kelowna realtor would be quick to point out that while enjoying the warmth and crackle of those embers, you can probably see the lake too.

Here, then, is a round-up of unique and beautiful fireplaces fit for every room in your home.

The Fireplace in the Bathroom

Fireplace in the Lund Residence mediterranean bathroom in Las Vegas
Mediterranean Bathroom by Richard Luke Architects P.C.


What could be more relaxing than soaking in a free-standing soaker tub while a few feet away flames flicker and heat the air? Bathroom fireplaces are becoming more common in Kelowna real estate as homeowners create the ensuite spa of their dreams. The glow of embers in a space that’s otherwise filled with “cold” materials such as stone and tile also gives a bathroom a layer of warmth and movement.


The fireplace in the kitchen

Fireplace in the Tudor Residence kitchen
Traditional Kitchen by TEA2 Architects


For centuries, humans cooked meals with the heat and by the light of fire, so it seems only natural to have a fireplace in the kitchen. In addition to adding a cozy, natural ambiance, it’s also incredibly practical: While we humans now cook with the fuel of gas and electricity, fireplace kitchens often offer the chance to incorporate a pizza oven to melt the tongues and hearts of your guests, and if you own Kelowna real estate, you’re going to be doing a lot of that.


The knock-your-Sorels-off fireplace in the living room

Sater Groups Cordillera fireplace in living room
Mediterranean Living Room by Sater Design Collection, Inc.


They’re conversation pieces. They’re constant reminders that you have built this home just for you with the finest materials and craftsmanship. They are ambassadors and greeters of your unique and luxurious home. Meet the stunning fireplace of your dreams.

This fireplace features a custom stone-carved mantel and over mantel all from cast stone surround.



The fireplace outside

Fireplace on a cottage patio
Traditional Patio by Culbertson Durst Interiors


If you at all enjoy sitting outside with your partner or a few friends and a glass of wine in the summer, the outdoor fireplace is a must in the Okanagan. Of course, it also means you can stay outside just that much later because you’ve got the heat and light of the fire on your side. Outdoor fireplaces also add an element of architecture to your outdoor space and incorporate fine masonry and local stone. This too is becoming an increasingly common feature in Kelowna real estate.

When you’re looking for the home and fireplace of your dreams in the Okanagan, be sure to have a Kelowna realtor on your side who understands your needs and knows the market. Contact our top-performing realtors at Quincy Vrecko & Associates if you’d like help finding a property with the perfect fireplace.