The Pros and Cons of Homes with Pools


Buying Kelowna real estate with a swimming pool can enhance your quality of life.

The water is the perfect temperature and sparkling clean, plus you don’t have to pack up the car and drive somewhere to share a crowded beach with a bunch of strangers. Yes, owning Kelowna real estate with a swimming pool does have its advantages, but before you insist that your next home has one, there are a number of things you should consider.

While there is definitely a quality-of-life factor that comes with owning a pool, there are also some potential pitfalls. Our friendly Kelowna realtors are here to lend their insight. 

Property Value

There’s often debate over whether a pool really adds value to a home. Of course, for the person who installs the pool, there’s the upfront expense of building it. An in-ground pool can easily cost $30,000 to $50,000 at the bottom end, and the prices go up from there.

If you have an Okanagan property with a pool and you intend to use it for years to come, the investment will pay for itself in terms of quality of life (it’s hard to put a price tag on happiness). On those scorching summer afternoons, you and your family will be able to cool off at your leisure.

In terms of a home’s resale value and return on investment, there are probably better ways you could spend your money. However, if you can afford it and it’ll provide you endless summertime pleasure, then go for it.

Other factors that can affect the value and marketability of homes with pools include:

  • Proximity of nearby public pools, lakes or rivers
  • Availability of pools in your neighbourhood (is it the norm)
  • Does is fit well with the property (is there space for it)?

Pool Perspective

When it comes to selling Kelowna real estate that has a pool, its value ultimately lies in the eye of potential homebuyers. For instance, a home with a pool might be an attraction for families with teenage children, or for couples who like to entertain social gatherings.

On the other hand, families with toddlers or senior couples might view a pool as a liability. The reality is, not all homebuyers want a pool. In fact, some home viewers will intentionally steer away from Kelowna real estate listings with pools.

Marketing Homes with Pools

If you’re selling Okanagan real estate that has a pool, there are a number of things you should do to help market it:

  • Clean the pool and deck thoroughly before taking photos for the listing
  • Mention any recent upgrades (i.e. new liner or pump)
  • Advertise other features that are geared towards your target market

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Finding Kelowna real estate with the right amenities to suit your lifestyle can be a challenge. At Quincy Vrecko & Associates, we take the time to listen to your preferences and help you find desirable homes in the best locations. Call us to discuss the wish list for your next property.