Kelowna Real Estate: Boosting Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Maintaining a tidy yard is an effective way of boosting your home’s curb appeal when you list it on the Kelowna real estate market.


Lush, green lawns. The pink-white petals of cherry blossom trees. Stone walkways flanked by shrubs and bluebells. When you see Kelowna real estate with high curb appeal, it’s hard not to take note. If the landscaping and exterior are immaculate, a potential buyer starts to see themselves pulling up to this beautiful home every day.

First impressions are everything for buyers on the lookout for a new home. Often buyers will drive by listings before they ask their agent about the property, and if they’re impressed with what they see on the outside, they’ll be clamouring to see the inside.

For homeowners who are serious about listing their houses on the Kelowna real estate market, raising your curb appeal does two important things for your home:

  • It commands higher prices
  • It sells faster

Depending on your budget and timeline, there are several ways you can make your home’s exterior more attractive. Some require only a little hard work and careful planning, while others require a bigger investment but could yield big rewards.

Wash Your House

When was the last time you actually did this? If it’s been more than two or three years, you could be in for a pleasant surprise. Washing your house can restore its colour and make it more inviting to potential buyers.

All it takes is a bucket of soapy water and a long-handled, soft-bristled brush (and possibly a ladder)—or, better yet, a powerwasher—to remove dirt and dust. This works for an array of siding finishes.

While you’re at it, you can also:

  • Clean windows on both sides
  • Wipe cobwebs from your eaves and ceiling corners
  • Clean your garage door          

Maintenance & Repairs

A bright and well-maintained exterior becomes a selling feature, and reassures buyers that you’re the type of owner who has also taken good care of the home’s interior.

Some simple maintenance and repair items include: 

  • Eavestroughs that are falling off
  • Burnt out light bulbs
  • Removing seasonal decorations
  • General outdoor maintenance, tidying and cleaning


See to Your Lawn and Landscaping

When people are looking at Kelowna houses for sale, your yard is often the first thing people will see. Many homeowners prefer to list their properties in spring because this is when plants come to life and lawns start to green up.

However, it needs to be kept in check to prevent it from becoming untidy. In addition to maintaining a well-manicured lawn, there are a number of ways to give your landscaping some punch:

  • Apply fresh mulch to garden beds
  • Prune trees and trim shrubs
  • Put a clean edge along garden beds and pathways
  • Scrub or pressure wash paving stones and walkway surfaces
  • Pull weeds
  • Introduce colourful annuals for added vibrancy

If your lawn has any bare spots, try to green it up with some seed, topsoil and fertilizer.

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