Buy or sell your Kelowna home first?

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If you own a Kelowna home, the first question that seems to pop into your head is “do we buy first or sell first?” This is a tricky question to answer as there are pros and cons to both of the situations. If you are struggling to figure out which route to go, consider these pros to both situations. It may help make up your mind.

Pros to Buying Kelowna Real Estate First

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Pros of buying Kelowna real estate first

If you are thinking of buying a Kelowna home first, here are some pros as to why that’s may be a smart move to make!

  1. It is less stressful. If you purchase a Kelowna home first, you are less likely to feel stressed trying to find a Kelowna home.
  2. You can take time to find the right home. If you are purchasing a Kelowna home first, you can take time to find the perfect house. There is no rushing to find something.
  3. If the deal collapses, you have time to find another home. It’s a known fact that deals can collapse. This means you did not remove all subjects and decided not to purchase the Kelowna home. If this happens, do not stress. You have the opportunity to keep looking as your Kelowna home isn’t sold yet.
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Pros of selling Kelowna real estate first

Pros to Selling Kelowna Real Estate First

If you are thinking of selling your Kelowna real estate, here are some pros as to why that may be the smart move to may!

  1. You have time to negotiate and not settle for a low price. If you are rushed to sell your Kelowna home      because you have purchased a home, you may need to negotiate more or settle for a lower price.
  2. Allows for easy budgeting. After you have sold your home, you know exactly what you can now afford. You won’t purchase a Kelowna home you can’t afford now, knowing what your home sold for.
  3. Narrows down your search for a Kelowna home. Now that your Kelowna home is sold and you are ready to purchase another Kelowna home, you know exactly what you want, what you need and what you can spend. This allows you to narrow down your search and speed up the process of finding a Kelowna home.

If you are looking to start the process of either buying or selling a Kelowna home, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Our team of dedicated real estate agents know the ins and outs of the real estate market in Kelowna. We have worked with plenty of Kelowna home buyers and sellers to find them exactly what they were looking for. If you don’t know whether to buy or sell first, our team of agents can point you in the right direction. All you have to do is call us, 1-778-760-2860!