How To Choose a Realtor

Selecting the right realtor to represent you and to sell your home is a very important decision. This may take some patience and research, but it can be done. Not only that but choosing the right realtor can help you sell your home faster, which makes the patience worthwhile in the end. Here are some tips for picking the right realtor:


Look For The Personal Touch

Choose a realtor who you can deal with directly. This personal touch is not an industry standard, particularly in high-value real estate, and being able to deal directly with your agent can be very valuable.

Choose a Realtor With a History of Success Selling Homes Like Yours

Pick a successful realtor, but not only that, pick a realtor who is skilled in selling homes similar to yours. That way they’ll understand the value of your property and the type of buyers who are suited to a home like yours. Most realtors will have their recently sold homes listed on their website, so take a look at them and see if they resemble your own!

Check Referrals and Conduct Interviews

If you know friends, family or coworkers that have recently worked with realtors, ask them for their thoughts and opinions. This can be highly useful feedback. Don’t be afraid to interview agents – real estate is a business and if you’re looking for someone to sell your home. Interview potential realtors as if they are applying to work for you in a business capacity. Take your time, and don’t rush into it.

Visit Your Potential Agent(s) in a Sales Environment

Consider visiting your potential realtor at an open house, where you can analyze their people and sales skills. This will provide you with some insight into how your agent operates, their level of professionalism, and their ability to communicate with buyers.

In the end, after all that research, referral checking and careful consideration, you’ll have to make the final decision! Be sure to select an agent who seems to understand you, your needs, your lifestyle and your potential buyers.

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