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Home Staging


home staging

Pack Away Collectibles

If you’re selling your home, home staging is a great way to supplement your realtor’s efforts and speed up the process of securing an offer. Ultimately helping to find a buyer. Home staging involves making your home look as attractive as possible to as many buyers as possible. In many ways, successful home staging is about making it as easiest for people to envision themselves in your home, with little work on their part. Some buyers are simply not interested in painting, or they can’t see past your treasured collectibles. That’s why it’s so important to take the guesswork out of the buying process.



Make Sure Your Home Is Spotless

home staging

Make It Sparkle!

This goes without saying, and your home is probably already very clean, but make sure every nook and cranny is spic & span. This is particularly important for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Home staging means you would put fresh, clean linens out: bath towels, tea towels, bedding. This creates a favorable impression, and give a room (perhaps a teenager’s bedroom?) a hint of fresh-laundry smell. Make sure your garden and the land surrounding your property is well-tended and orderly. This has two benefits, as it will help create a good first impression, and will also give the idea that the garden is easy to look after.


Leave a Great Impression Through Smell

Setting the stage by baking bread or cookies is a little extreme, you don’t need to go to any great lengths for this. Just give your home a friendly pleasant smell that most people tend to enjoy. Perhaps a nice room fragrance (don’t go overboard!) or even just the smell of fresh laundry.


Make it All About Them (The Buyer)

home staging

Welcome Potential Buyers!

One of the main reasons for home staging is the power to make someone visualize living in your home before they have even made an offer. This can be achieved by removing personal, individual touches from your home and giving potential buyers the freedom to imagine their own belongings in your space. Think of high-end hotels or showhomes, try to give your home that same sort of feel!


If you have questions about home staging or selling your home, or need advice, please contact us; we’re happy to help!