Why Should I Hire a Kelowna Realtor

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You’re getting ready to sell your Kelowna home and the thought hits, Kelowna realtor or private sale? Trust me, we get it! The thought of how much money you can save starts going through your head. The vision of selling your home privately is starting to sound more and more appealing. Well, we’re here to tell you the truth about private sales and why we think you should hire a Kelowna realtor!

Professional Marketing

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Professional marketing for your Kelowna home

You may get some action from posting a sign out front and putting ads in the local newspaper. On the flip side, when you list with a Kelowna realtor, you will obtain way more action from their professional marketing. Each listing at Quincy Vrecko and Associates will have an HD video/photos taken of their home and the newest in technology… a 3D Virtual Reality Tour. We don’t just pop a sign in front of your home, we are here to help market your Kelowna home to potential clients and the public.

It’s More Work

Most of you have a full-time job, raising kids, and trying to still have a social life. Selling a home takes time and that is why realtors have a full-time job doing it! Realtors have so much knowledge of the market as they study it daily and are here to guide you through the process of selling your home. Let’s face it, I can’t come into your position and become an expert, leave it up to us to help you get top dollar for your home!

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You don’t save that much money

You don’t save that much money!

I bet you fell off your seat reading that point, but it is true! You may think, but I am not paying for commission if I am listing with a Kelowna realtor. I must be saving a ton of money by just doing it myself. Well, for one, it takes a lot of time to sell a home. It takes time in your day or organize showings and market your home. In most cases, a realtor can get you enough to cover their commission. Sometimes they also put more money in your pocket.

A Kelowna realtor who is willing to work hard to market your home is Tracey Vrecko from the team at Vrecko Real Estate Group Tracey can provide you with expert advice on the Kelowna market. She is here to make sure the process of selling your Kelowna home is as smooth and successful as possible, give her a call today at 1-778-760-2860!