Renovated your way into the Modern Era

Need a fun project to complete? Are you looking to add value to your Kelowna home? With the real estate market continuing to rise, a simple upgrade can set you apart from those dated homes and can in turn possibly drive a sale! Check out this 4 renos that add value to your Kelowna home.

Upgrade your Kitchen

A great way to add value to your Kelowna home is to upgrade your kitchen. This can be as easy as a brand new backsplash, new facing for your cabinets or a new set of high-end appliances. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, that being said if you had to pick one renovation to do, we recommend upgrading the kitchen!


716 Vance Ave Lower MissionAdd to your Living Space

This will definitely not be the cheapest option but it will substantially add value to your Kelowna home. If you have ever dreamed of expanding your Kelowna home, now is the time to do it! Adding to your living space will increase square footage and in turn drive the value of your home up!

Energy Efficient Home

When looking for a Kelowna home, we are seeing more and more people asking about energy-efficient homes. Set your home apart from the others by adding things to your home to make it energy efficient. A few great ideas are,

  • Windows

  • Toilets

  • Lighting

large soaker tub in a Kelowna home

Upgrade your master ensuite

Upgrade your Master Ensuite

Lastly, a great way to add value to your home is to upgrade your master ensuite. There are so many things you can do to upgrade your Master ensuite that will add value but our favourite is adding a soaker tub. Nothing says relaxing quite like walking into your master ensuite and seeing your large soaker tub. Grab a glass of Okanagan wine and enjoy your newest addition!

Wondering what your Kelowna home is worth after completing these renos? There are many factors to consider when evaluating a home. The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates are here to help! Our team of dedicated real estate professionals know the ins and outs of the Kelowna real estate market. Contact one of our knowledgeable real estate agents today to begin your Kelowna home evaluation process. 250.868.3602