Buying a Waterfront property in Kelowna

Whisky Cove waterfont property

Considering buying a Waterfront property in Kelowna?

Start by calling talking to expert in Waterfront properties and Luxury homes in the Okanagan.  

The most important step in starting your search is to hire a luxury real estate agent.  This agent will have experience with this complex transaction.  Quincy Vrecko with RE/MAX Kelowna has been selling waterfront property in Kelowna for years.  He understands how complex this type of transaction can be.

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“There are so many important details when buying waterfront property in Kelowna”, says Quincy.  “I have extensive experience with buying and selling on the water. The rules and reulations are constantly changing with regards to waterfront properties and you need to know what questions to ask”


Some of these important factors could drastically change the use of the property or even the value.  Before diving into this large investment, the following factors should be considered and carefully examined.  As a waterfront specialist, Quincy can help protect your investment and bring some clarity when buying a waterfront property in Kelowna.

Things to consider

Waterfront:  When you are buying a waterfront property in Kelowna, you are buying the land  but you do not own the waterfront. There are very few properties in the Okanagan where the homeowner owns the foreshore right.  This means, you do not own the beach out in front of your home.

Docks:  If that waterfront home has a dock, the dock must have a specific permission or general permission. You must ensure it is compliant with the rules and regulations set out by the ministry. Different areas of Lake Okanagan have different requirements for dock construction.  This is based on the salmon spawning, depth of the water, protection of the foreshore and indigenous plants to name a few.  You will want to make sure your dock is a legal dock before your purchase.  


Building:  When buying a waterfront property in Kelowna and tearing down the current home, there are new setbacks that are now in place for new home construction on the waterfront.  Years ago, structures were allowed to be closer to the water but new guidelines are in place once that old cabin or beach house is taken down.


When looking into buying a waterfront property in Kelowna, it is important to hire a real estate agent who is experienced in selling waterfront properties.  Someone who is knowledgeable in the details of a waterfront sale.  


Quincy Vrecko of RE/MAX Kelowna is one of the top luxury real estate agents for waterfront sales in the Okanagan.  His extensive knowledge gives his clients the advantage when buying a waterfront property in Kelowna. Call Quincy before starting your waterfront search.