Guide to the ultimate Kelowna man-cave

Man caves are specific to each person, everyone has different preferences and budgets but whether it is outside in the garage, in the basement or behind a hidden bookcase is it YOUR space. Man-caves let you express your self no questions asked, complete freedom. The options are endless and sometimes that can be overwhelming, here are some ideas to help you create the ultimate Kelowna man-cave.

Time to have some balance in your life

It is all about balance if you want a games table whether it Foose ball, or pool makes sure it doesn’t take over the entire room. You want to make sure you have options, add a bar and a cinema if the space permits. If not, Think about what your priorities are,  you want as many activities as possible. Although we cannot give you the go-ahead to put a full-sized Pacman machine or a golf simulator in your living room it is completely acceptable in your Kelowna Man-cave. You can do whatever you want with this space, so make it spectacular.

It’s alright to have a Theme

As much as it doesn’t seem like the word “theme”  has a place in a man-cave it can bring you space to the next level. Whether it is a chill hang out space for sipping on your favorite beer and playing some pool or a collage of your #1 sports team memorabilia, anything goes. If you do have a love for sports don’t be afraid to show it in your Kelowna man-cave. This space should be your pride and joy, you have the power to create the atmosphere as if your favorite team is always winning.

Get creative with the T.V

A T.V as if it appears from nowhere; this is every man’s dream. When it is not in use it is nowhere to be seen but at a click of a button, your beautiful T.V appears. You don’t want your space to look like just a Cinema. Having a hidden T.V can also save a lot of space and help you get the most out of your Kelowna man cave.

Time to party

Every Man-cave needs a bar, no one wants to leave there perfect isolated cave to go and get a beer. If you have space, put a full bar in and get some cool, masculine-looking bar stools to really spice up the area. If you don’t have space a butlers bar or bar console will definitely do the trick



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