clean organized garage

Now that summer is over, you are closing down the pool and putting all your outdoor furniture away and cringe at the sight of pure disorganization and an utter mess. You are dreaming of the day you walk into your home garage and can actually fit your vehicle inside without hitting the kids’ bikes over. If this sounds all too familiar, it is time to get the whole family involved in a little weekend organization.

garage with workbench

Distinguish the Main Purpose of your Home Garage

Have you always dreamt of the ultimate workshop in your home garage or do you just want to be able to fit your car into the home garage without hitting everything along the way? Before even beginning to touch anything in the home garage distinguish what the main purpose will be. This makes the planning process of how you can go about organizing way easier.


Use the Walls/Ceiling

This is something you can’t normally do inside your home but in your garage, it is totally acceptable. You have a ton of wall space and ceiling space that can be used for storage. Are you a biking family? Does your family like to Ski/Snowboard? Big items like bikes, paddleboards, skis, and snowboards are great for storing on the ceiling and/or on your walls. Install proper hooks to keep these items off the ground and your home garage will already start to feel less cluttered.

Declutter, Donate and Throw Out!

Great time to get rid of things you have not used all year and start 2020 off right! While you are going through the items in your home garage, think to yourself… “Have I used this 

in the past 12 months?” If the answer is no, then donate it or throw it out!


Create a Space for Each Family Member

Do your kids throw their boots, snow jackets, skis or snowboards wherever they can find floor space in your home garage? It’s time to dedicate each of them a space to keep their items. Try installing fun lockers or shelving units that are labeled with each family member’s names so they know where they can store their items and makes things easily accessible.

Toolbox in garage

Keep the Tools to One Area, One Toolbox

Does your husband have an abundance of tools that you have to seem him use a handful of times but they are taking over your home garage? Invest in one big rolling toolbox found at hardware stores. These are great to keep in your garage as they will roll around depending on where you need them and also keep your tools organized. No more tripping over tools.

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