First Time Home Buyers – How to Buy your First Home

Are you tired of renting?  Are you busy paying someone else’s mortgage?

If you answered yes then it’s time to buy a home in Kelowna and start paying your own mortgage.  As a first-time home buyer, there are incentives to help you get into the Kelowna real estate market. Our team of Kelowna real estate agents have experience to guide you through the process of buying your first Kelowna home.  

The best place to get start when looking to purchase your first Kelowna home is to find out how much you can afford to spend. We have a great online mortgage calculator to use as a guideline as it will outline what your mortgage payment could be each month. We also work with some of the top mortgage brokers in Kelowna to help you get pre-approved for a mortgage.

Aside from getting a mortgage, there are other key factors to consider when buying a home in Kelowna or surrounding areas.  A professional Kelowna real estate agent from the team Quincy Vrecko and Associates will review the costs associated with buying a property.  Below is a list of closing costs associated with buying a home in Kelowna and surrounding areas,

  • Home inspection
  • Appraisal
  • Property taxes
  • Strata fees
  • Legal fees for conveyancing
  • Dispersement
  • Land transfer tax*
  • GST*

For a detailed description of what these closing costs are, check out things you need to know before purchasing your first Kelowna home.

Good news for you! The province of British Columbia offers several programs for first time home buyers to help with the home buying process.  The team of real estate agents at Quincy Vrecko and Associates can review if you qualify for any of these cost saving programs.

Whether you are new to Kelowna or grew up in the beautiful Okanagan, if you are buying a home in Kelowna, the best option is really to call us for all the juicy information – there is lots to know and we’d love to chat. Our team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates are dedicated to finding you the right home for the right price. Contact us today – 778-780-2860!