Kelowna’s luxury real estate market may be our main focus. We like to keep our fingers on the pulse of all developments in the city that we call home! That leads us to a really exciting bit of recent news… The continuing revitalization of Kelowna’s downtown core.


Kelowna’s $14-million revitalization project Bernard Avenue completed earlier this year. Bernard Ave is known as downtown Kelowna’s “Main Street” attracting locals & tourists. The City of Kelowna has turned its attention to Ellis Street, between Bernard Avenue and the library parkade (just past Doyle Avenue).



Kelowna City Council gave its backing to the Ellis Street Corridor Plan last month. We will see this area of the street become more aesthetically pleasing, more friendly to pedestrians & cyclists. The street has new sidewalks and bike lanes included in the plans.

The Ellis Street Corridor Plan will see new trees, left-turn lanes, Urban Braille to aid the visually impaired and much more. The Ellis Street Corridor Plan will be completed in phases over a number of years, similar to the recent Bernard Ave project.

The timing of this project is excellent with several new buildings in the works. We are expecting to see the Innovation Centre, Interior Health Authority and an expansion to the library parkade with retail space. And that’s just the beginning. Several other exciting projects are in the works for the Ellis Street area. This all comes on the back of a strong period of development for downtown. The downtown core has seen everything from luxury condos to the construction of Stuart Park.

Homeowners within the Ellis Street Corridor Plan area will no doubt be very happy with the planned projects. Property values are likely to increase in what is already a very attractive area! We’re fans of the lovely Abbott Street area just a short distance from downtown. Abbott Street is home to wonderful luxury Kelowna waterfront real estate if this is what you’re looking for.

It is such an exciting time to live in Kelowna! If you’re in the market for a luxury Kelowna home, or you have any questions about the city, please contact us.