Choosing between Kelowna neighborhoods

Kelowna is a community with character and a variety of sunny lifestyles to offer. How do you choose just one of our Kelowna neighborhoods when you start the search for your perfect home?


Kelowna neighborhoods
Kelowna North, or Downtown Kelowna

is an active cultural district situated centered between Okanagan Lake, Knox Mountain, Highway 97, and Gordon Drive. Downtown is a happening place replete with unique boutiques and places to eat. Find beautiful tree-lined avenues for relaxed recreation & amenities such as pharmacies and medical centers. Downtown is the place to be in the center of it all and to access everything that makes Kelowna a neat place to live.

Kelowna neighborhoodsThe Upper Mission, Knox Mountain, Glenmore, and Dilworth

are all Kelowna neighborhoods that provide a similar feeling of being out-of-the-way of the busyness of life. Simultaneously these areas only a hop, skip, and a jump from all of Kelowna’s major features. These neighborhoods each have a unique character, as well. Upper Mission is nestled among woods and walking trails. Find a mix of newer and older homes and not a single condo building in sight. Knox Mountain is great for hiking and is near the lake. There are popular swimming spots scattered among the arrowroot along the lower ridges. Glenmore is expansive and generously treed, with a sense of community that stems from its history. Glenmore has many self-contained amenities. Dilworth is a beautiful hillside district that boasts stunning views of Okanagan Lake. Black Mountain is a little further drive boasting similar area features.

Kelowna neighborhoodsThe Lower Mission, Kelowna South, and West Kelowna

all offer lakeside property, which can be a huge draw as it really is the pinnacle of Okanagan luxury living. These Kelowna neighborhoods are likely to retain or perhaps increase in value having seen huge and ongoing development. Each neighborhood has local shopping, restaurants, cafes, & services to offer its residents, making all of them excellent places to either live as a family or on your own.

Kelowna neighborhoodsSpringfield/Spall and Rutland

maintain a self-contained feeling making the areas feel like home within an urban setting. Other central Kelowna neighborhoods are only a refreshing bicycle ride away via the beautiful Mission Creek Greenway. These communities are older, more established areas. Everything you need for living is easily found within these districts, with opportunities for recreation and fun.

If you want to learn more, you can check out a video for each of the Kelowna neighborhoods.

Whichever of these diverse locations you choose, Kelowna has everything you could need and more. It is a stunning city that well represents British Columbia’s commitment to integrating modern, convenient living into a well-respected environment, and Kelowna’s recreational lifestyle makes it a fun and healthy choice for families everywhere. We know that you’ll find settling into any of our truly stellar Kelowna neighborhoods an exciting adventure to look back on for years to come.

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