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Well, it’s time! Maybe you are out-growing your first Kelowna property or you just simply want a change. It’s time for your move-up Kelowna property! This time around it’s a bit different. You have gone through the process once and know a bit of what to expect. You have also lived in your Kelowna home for a bit so you know what you may like and dislike about a Kelowna property! If you are looking to purchase your move-up property in Kelowna, check out our buying guide below!

Buy first or sell first?

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Buy first or sell first?

This is a question we tend to hear quite a bit… do we buy or sell first? This question depends on what type of property you have in Kelowna and a lot has to depend on what the Kelowna real estate market is doing as well. Is it a buyers market? Is it a sellers market? If you are looking for a move-up Kelowna property, discuss with your Kelowna real estate agent the best move for you to take first!

How big of a move-up home should you purchase?

This question depends on what your family situation is like at this point in your life. Are you planning on expanding your family in the next 5 years, are you wanting to live in this home for the next 10 years? Dependent on what type of stage you are at in your life will depend on how big of a home you move-up to! Go though your needs and wants with your Kelowna real estate agent, this may help you make a decision.

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What is causing you to move-up?

What is the reason for purchasing a move-up?

If you are just simply sick of your Kelowna property, then that may be a good enough reason to move up. The catch is determining what caused you to want to move so you don’t have that in your next Kelowna property. Are you moving for more space? Determine what rooms you need larger first! Do you want a larger kitchen? More bathrooms? A bigger family room? Whatever it may be, it’s smart to determine what is causing you to move so you don’t purchase the same problem!

If you are looking for a Kelowna property as your move-up home, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Our knowledgeable real estate agents are ready to assist you with your next purchase. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us, we will take care of the rest! Call 1-778-760-2860 to begin your Kelowna home search today!