Designs for minimal Outdoor Space

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Design Ideas for When you Lack Outdoor Space

Spring is officially upon us and the snow is finally starting to melt and we’ve got some great design ideas for when you lack outdoor space! Time to start thinking of ways to take your Kelowna backyard to the next level. In the Spring and Summer months, a backyard is a place of gathering for friends and family. It is a place where you enjoy spending the morning drinking a cup of coffee and in the evenings a nice glass of Okanagan wine. If you are struggling with how to design your small backyard, fear not! We’ve got some great design ideas for when you lack outdoor space that will take your backyard from boring to creative all with one trip to your Kelowna big box store!

Be Creative with Storage

If you are lacking outdoor space chances are you are lacking outdoor storage as well. Time to put your thinking cap on and get creative with your storage spaces. Invest in a multifunctional patio table so you can store extra blankets or pillows inside of it while not compromising your outdoor space.

Foldable Furniture

A great option if you lack outdoor seating is to add a few foldable chairs to the mix! Not only do they take up little space but they also fold up nicely and can fit under your outdoor seating or up against a wall when not being used.

Create Multifunctional Spaces

The best way to maximize your outdoor space is by creating spaces that can be used for multiple purposes. Ideally, you want spaces that your kids can use during the day than be transformed into an adult area for your guests at night. Think of a sturdy patio table, inexpensive outdoor furniture, and shatterproof glassware.

Use Mobile-Friendly Serving Carts

Don’t have room for a patio table to place your appetizers or wine for your guests? A great alternative is to use a rolling cart. This cart can be stored inside of your home and can be rolled out to the patio when needed – not to mention they are really trendy!

Go Vertical

Always dreamed of a beautiful garden but don’t have the outdoor space to fulfill those dreams? Not a problem! It’s becoming more and more popular to have a vertical garden. Pick an exterior wall to make your dreams become a reality.

It’s all about thinking of smart and multifunctional design ideas for when you lack outdoor space. You would be surprised by how your backyard will look after you transform it with our tips!

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