Benefits of an Open House

Your Kelowna home is up for sale and your Kelowna realtor starts asking you what date works best for an open house? You instantly pause and think, what is the benefit of an open house? Well, the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates have some secrets to share… Get your Kelowna home sold faster in this red hot market.

Bulk of people through your home

Open houses tend to run for 2-4 hours and are generally on the weekend. For all of those people who have a full time job and have children who are in extracurricular activities, it makes it hard to view homes during the week. A family who is looking to find a home may find it easier to view a bulk of homes on a Saturday afternoon. This benefits you as the seller as you will have a group of people go through your home at once. This will alleviate the stress of having plenty of showings sporadically during the week.

It gets people interested in your home

Hosting an open house, you may get people through your home who were just driving through the neighbourhood and stop in. They may not even be looking to purchase a home yet but they see your home, it ticks off their boxes and they may be considering moving now. On the other side, it gets people in your home who may be unmotivated to book a showing as they don’t feel they are a serious buyer. People coming through your home interested or not, still benefits you as a seller.

You choose your own time and date!

If you work with a great Kelowna realtor, they tend to ask you what date and time works best for you schedule. They may have a great recommendation but you have the final say when you want people coming through your home. You can choose when it works best for you to have a large group of people through your home. Take your family out on great bike ride through Kelowna’s top biking trails and enjoy the scenery while your home’s selling.

In the end, an open house is sure to benefit you as a seller. These are just three benefits of an open house that we shared with you. To learn more contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates today 1-778-760-2860!