Things to Do in the Okanagan in Spring

If you’re coming over from Alberta to check out luxury properties with a Kelowna realtor this spring. Be sure to pack your clubs so you can get in a few early-season rounds on the local links.
Photo credit: Gallagher’s Canyon Golf and Country Club


Out here in the Okanagan, spring is barely upon us and residents are already swapping their snow shovels for golf clubs. If you’re visiting from Alberta looking for your dream home, ask your Kelowna realtor to save some time after viewings to take in the warm, relaxing wonders of the valley.


5 Ways to Spend a Spring Day in Kelowna


1. Golf

With nearly 20 courses dotting the Kelowna and West Kelowna landscape—several of which are championship tracks—you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to working the kinks out of your swing after the long winter.

Even in early spring, the greens and fairways are in terrific early-season condition on many courses. Which is one of the many perks Kelowna residents enjoy this time of year. Your Kelowna realtor can recommend which courses will suit your skill level.


 2. Skiing

What could be more glorious than cruising down the slopes of Big White on a gorgeous spring day? With spring skiing lasting until mid-April, many Alberta families tack on a spring break ski trip while they’re in the valley searching for luxury Kelowna real estate.

Some hardcore outdoors enthusiasts will head up to Big White in the morning, then return to Kelowna to golf 18 holes on a championship course in the afternoon. The Okanagan really is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.


3. Wineries

If there’s one thing the Okanagan has more of than golf courses, it’s wineries. From the quaint little boutique operations that offer a few special varieties to the larger, nationally recognized estate wineries, there’s something to please every palate.

Spring is a fascinating time of year to go on a winery tour. As this is when the vineyards really start to ramp up their operations. Besides, is there ever a bad time to sample a velvety smooth Merlot or refreshing Chardonnay?


4. Outdoor activities

With an abundance of scenic lakes, rivers and mountains right on Kelowna’s doorstep. There’s a smorgasbord of outdoor activities to satisfy every craving. From thrill seekers—ziplining, horseback riding and cross-country skiing—to more leisurely pursuits—birdwatching, guided tours and parks—the options are endless.


5.  Garden and orchard tours

Kelowna’s orchards come to life as early as April, and their blossoms are like a beacon declaring the start of spring. Apricots, peaches, cherries, pears and apples send forth their delicate pink and white petals in a visual display not soon forgotten.

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No matter what time of year it is, there’s many exciting ways to spend your time in the Okanagan. Ask your Kelowna realtor about spring activities while you’re searching for your dream retirement home.