You’ve heard the stories about sellers remodeling doing a bit of painting here, some landscaping there, and being able to increase their home’s list price by thousands of dollars. If you’re getting ready to sell Kelowna real estate, head into pre-listing renovation mode with caution: Not all renovations yield big returns.

In fact, your remodelling efforts could actually have the opposite effect by decreasing the value of your home, and/or making it harder to sell.

Here then, are six reno approaches to pause on if you’re about to sell your home:

1. Cheap or poorly installed flooring

You might think there couldn’t be anything worse than that faded, dated and stained blue carpet in the family room, but you would be wrong. 

Cheap laminate or poorly installed laminate—or any type of flooring done DIY—is a no no your real estate agent will likely have to overcome by dropping the price, because if a homeowner walks in and sees lovely tiles surrounded by sloppy grouting, the first thought that comes to their mind is: project. The second thought is: No thanks.

2. Elaborate additions

Have you always dreamed off a sunroom off the back kitchen? A hot tub oasis above the retaining wall? Extending the garage to fit the motorhome? While these reno projects may suit your lifestyle and tastes, a Kelowna realtor will be quick to tell you that these types of grand and specific changes won’t appeal to many potential buyers, some of whom would say that fancy new pool is actually a deal-breaker.

3. Forget first impressions

As homeowners, we spend so much time inside our homes, and in our backyard, that when it comes to getting a house ready to sell, we focus on what we can see: bedrooms, the kitchen, the yard. And yet when it comes to selling Kelowna real estate quickly and for top dollar, it’s the front yard curb appeal that can often turn homebuyers into homeowners. 

For tips about which areas to focus on, read our post Kelowna Houses for Sale: 5 Landscape Tips to Add Value.

4. DIY decks

Yes, you and your friends know how to swing a hammer. Yes, you know how to buy lumber. Are you carpenters who will be able to build a flawless deck? While calling in favours with friends might seem like a great way to save money and increase your return, be sure to hire a professional. Shoddy workmanship, if your friends are not carpenters, can completely turn off homebuyers. Buyers could wander down the block and spot a really similar home with a beautiful, professionally built deck. No nails sticking out or loose boards! 

5. Walls that won’t stop

You’ve always had a thing for yellow, or maybe you’ve just always thought cherry red would suit your dining room, and that now’s the time to head to the paint store. Stop! Remember you’re not selling your home to you. You’re trying to sell to dozens of people with widely different tastes. The best way to make your home feel fresh, spacious and bright, is to use neutral tones. Neutral tones appeal to home buyers are also more apt to suit their furniture.

Shades of white, gray and beige might not seem nearly as fun, but you’ll be the one smiling when your home sells sooner and for more money than if you’d gone ahead with the red.

Even if you’re six months away from selling, it’s best to consult with your Kelowna realtor early. Your realtor can give you advice about which remodelling projects to tackle or to scrap. Let us help you reach your list price goals in less time.


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