young millennial couple getting keys to their first home

Times have changed, wants and needs have been adjusted and you as a home seller need to adapt to this change in order to make your Kelowna home stand out to your potential buyer. In this blog, we are going to focus on Millenials. What do they look for and what makes a home stand out to them in Kelowna? Millenials are anyone born between 1980 and 2000. Let’s take a look at what this generation looks for in their first Kelowna home!

Simplicity and Modern

modern furniture in a living room

Simplistic and modern

Gone are the days of large bulky furniture and cluttered kitchen counters. Millenials live for the minimalist lifestyle. Simple and modern furniture with light accents are what attracts the millennial buyers. It seems like nowadays, more and more people are attracted to the minimalist lifestyle. If you are not interested in purchasing new furniture to stage your Kelowna home, try removing some of the excess furniture and clutter to make your home feel more simplistic.

Save the Planet

Things have changed. More millenials are heading into the direction of helping save our planet. Less waste, less plastic and more saving of our animals and planet. A few things you can do to spruce up your home to attract the millennial buyer are, solar panels for energy and install energy efficient lights and appliances. The little things can go a long way and can instantly attract your young buyer.

young women sitting on back deck sectional enjoying the summer

Great outdoor living

Great Outdoor Living

Millenials are in the age of entertaining friends and family! Like stated above, they are in that 18-38 year range. It’s the age to host outdoor evening backyard BBQs and wine Wednesdays! If you have a great outdoor living area, chances are the first thing the buyer will imagine is hosting a great evening with their friends and family! Stage your outdoor living area. It always helps to add a few wine glasses and bottle of wine outside, blankets and comfy seating. It will not only make your backyard feel like home but it will also help envision what living in the backyard will feel like.

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