3 Space Saving Ideas for your Glenmore Condo Bedroom

small modern bedroom with wooden furniture

Condos – a great way to get into the real estate market. The one thing that you give up by purchasing a condo is space. Your bedrooms are smaller than a Kelowna home and your living room has become a small intimate space. Well today, we are going to focus on bedrooms, specifically in a Glenmore condo and how to save some precious space. Glenmore is the perfect spot for first time home buyers and feature great starter condos! If you are trying to spruce up your bedroom but don’t know where to start because your limited on space…. we’ve got you covered! Here are three space saving ideas for your Glenmore Condo bedroom.

Bed with Drawers

bed with drawers in small Glenmore condo

Invest in a bed with drawers

There are a few key things that you need in a bedroom. Dresser, bed and end tables are generally what comes to mind! Then the bedroom is built up from there. If you are struggling to find space for a dresser, fear not! There are great beds out there nowadays that have drawers underneath your mattress. Under the bed is generally unused space so use it to your advantage and purchase a bed with drawers! Problem solved!

Add Hooks On Your Closet Walls

Another spot in bedrooms that is generally not used is the wall behind your clothes in your closet. No one would ever think to use this wall as it is hidden with your clothes. What better spot to hang hooks for things such as hats, scarfs and belts?! Not only does it help save on space, it keeps things out of sight so your bedroom in your Glenmore condo doesn’t look crowded.

modern bedroom with headboard and bookshelf

Multifunctional furniture for your Glenmore condo

Multifunctional furniture

Now, we’ve established that you are low on space. So the best possible thing you could do for your Glenmore condo, is purchase multifunctional furniture. When you are low on space, you’re also limited as to how much furniture you can have in your bedroom. There are plenty of fun pieces to add…. try a bedside drawer that also has a garbage can inside, bookshelf as a headboard or even modern bunk bed with a desk underneath. There are so many unique pieces nowadays!

Well, there you have it! If you were struggling to style your Glenmore condo bedroom, start with these great tips! If you are looking for a Glenmore condo in Kelowna to put our tips to the test, contact us! We are a real estate team dedicated to helping home buyers purchase their perfect home. We work with first time home buyers and have experience selling in Glenmore and beyond! We want to work with you to purchase your first condo in Kelowna. Contact one of our Kelowna real estate agents today! Call 1-778-760-2860!