Xeriscape Ideas for Your Kelowna Home Garden


I know many avid gardeners and homeowners start making plans this time of year to design and budget for projects outside for spring & summer. Ideas for the yard and garden get sketched out and material lists for patios, gazebos, outdoor pizza ovens, flower beds, gardens, pools, water features, tool sheds, and more make it to the list. If water conservation is a priority often Xeriscape options are considered.

In one of our previous articles, we talked about green roof options and the benefits of rooftop gardens. These included selecting plants for living roofs that are hardy and easy to maintain. In the Okanagan, this concept transfers over to Xeriscape as well (Xeri is Greek for dry). Hardy native plants that are drought-resistant are good choices for the Kelowna homeowner when designing a garden that can withstand the lack of rainfall and high temperatures.  Xeriscape gardens like the one in front of the H20 recreation center are good examples of gardens where the water required is 50% to 75% less than of an average garden.

Water conservation in Kelowna is a big concern for the city. We waste more water than almost every other city in Canada. Talking to staff at the Kelowna waterworks department the biggest use of this is underground sprinkler systems that have been installed for lawns and gardens. Our peak consumption rate in Kelowna is between 4 – 6 AM when sprinkler systems are activated for homes.

We all know our drinking water is a precious commodity so reducing its use through good gardening techniques is a wise choice.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about a Xeriscape project this year  (Visit Okanagan Xeriscape for more details):

  1. Planning & design
  2. Practical turf areas
  3. Soil preparations
  4. Efficient irrigation
  5. Appropriate plant selection
  6. Mulching
  7. Maintenance

Xeriscape plants are also pest-resistant and require low maintenance.

Top picks for draught-resistant plants for your Kelowna home garden or rooftop patio include

  • Moonshine Yarrow
  • Heatwave Mint
  • Purple Coneflower
  • Sea Lavender
  • Golden Sage
  • Giant Lamb’s Ear
  • Golden Sword Yucca
  • Blue Oat Grass
  • Rose Carpet Sedum
  • Lilac Tree
  • Blue fescue
  • Hen & Chicks
  • Alpine Daisy

There are many other beautiful plants available. The concept is to build gardens that replace water-hungry turf and create a more natural and friendly landscape.  If you use natural mulch over stone mulch you will also reduce the heat storage found in rock gardens.

Best of luck with your Gardening plans and look to water conservation as a guiding principle. In the Okanagan, these low-maintenance gardens are smart choices and add value to your Okanagan home.

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