How to Stage Kelowna Real Estate During Winter Months

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When staging Kelowna real estate in winter, a good strategy is to make your home feel warm and cozy.

When the subject of staging Kelowna real estate comes up, most people agree that the less-is-more approach works best. By keeping rooms clean and free of clutter, it helps buyers see homes for their true potential. However, when it comes to winter, there a number of other ways homeowners can create a warm, cozy feeling to add sales appeal.

Many home sellers assume winter is a slow time for real estate. Compared to spring and fall, it isn’t as busy, but there are always people searching for Kelowna houses for sale. Here are a few tips from our Okanagan realtors that might just convince someone to buy your home.

Regular Staging Rules Still Apply

Before you do anything, your home should still be staged like it would any other time of year. That includes: 

  • Decluttering rooms of unnecessary knickknacks
  • Cleaning floors and dusting furniture
  • Storing personal effects (dishes, laundry, etc.)
  • Repairing any issues (replacing light bulbs etc.) 

For more detailed information on staging, read our post: How to Do Home Staging Well: Tips from our Kelowna Realtors.

Maintain a Festive Atmosphere

Even though the holidays have come and gone, you can still present your Kelowna real estate with a little seasonal cheer. Keeping your Christmas lights up a little longer than normal, or leaving a bowl of pinecones as your kitchen table centerpiece, are just two examples of how you can charm potential buyers.

Don’t Go Overboard

An important distinction to make here is that while a few tasteful decorations can entice the senses, too many can quickly overwhelm them. So, before you consider leaving your laser light display (complete with synchronized Christmas carols), think of how distracting that might be to buyers.

Get Cozy by the Fireplace

If homebuyers are out viewing Kelowna real estate on a cold winter night, they’ll appreciate the warm glow of your fireplace the moment they set foot inside the door. This creates an inviting feeling, which encourages them to stay longer, giving them more time to discover what your home has to offer.

To make your home as welcoming as possible, you can also:

  • Set your thermostat slightly higher than normal
  • Turn on the interior lights
  • Place area rugs on hard surfaces

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Daylight is limited in the winter months, but when possible, it’s a good strategy to schedule visits while the sun is up. By opening your curtains and blinds, you’ll allow natural daylight to infiltrate your home to show it in its best possible condition. 

Summer Potential

Visitors won’t be able to see your prized rose garden when it’s covered in a foot of snow. A great way to highlight it and other outdoor selling features is to leave a photo album showing things like: 

  • Gardens
  • Ponds
  • Landscaping
  • Curb appeal

Are you considering listing your property on the Kelowna real estate market? Come and talk to the local experts at Quincy Vrecko & Associates. With our experience and strong marketing skills, we will promote your home effectively.