Relocating to Kelowna

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Relocating is one of the most stressful things we can do, leaving a safe and familiar place for something new and uncertain is something we all struggle with. There are many benefits to moving to Kelowna but the transition can be strenuous.  When considering a move there is a long list of things to consider. Let’s walk through some of the most asked questions when relocating to Kelowna.

Always ask the question the “The Three P’s”:

People: When looking for a new place to call home, it is a good idea to consider not only who will be living there but also any visitors. If you are someone that has plenty of families it is best to look for homes with a little extra space or maybe a carriage home!

Pets: Do you have any pets that are making the move with you? if so, the realtor needs to be aware of this as this will be search criteria. If you need a yard, this will shift your search to single-family residential and away from strata properties.

Parking: How many cars do you have? Any toys? These are all great things to know as it is a factor in deciding if your new home is the right fit for you!

When moving cities, provinces, or countries, it is very hard to get the timing of the sale of your home and the possession of your new home to line up. Figuring out your timeline before you commit to the move is very important and can save you a fortune!


Having an experienced, local realtor is extremely important. You are going to want someone who knows the area and can fit your lifestyle with your neighborhood.  If you are looking for an active, social lifestyle then a more central location is going to be your go-to but if you want a more retirement and residential lifestyle, Lower Mission or Glenmore would be a great fit. These are all things that make using a Kelowna Realtor so important when relocating to Kelowna.

Hiring a real estate company’s relocation expert can take the sting out of many details involved in the transition and bring better solutions at a faster pace than if you try to relocate on your own.


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