Kelowna Weekend Events – February 2-4th

February events in kelowna

Great events to kick off February

Winter blues?? No way!! Take in these great events to start the first week of February.  Welcome, fellow enthusiasts of arts, culture, and winter wonders! This weekend is going is packed with fun-filled activities you won’t want to miss.  This trio of captivating events promises to ignite your senses and leave lasting memories.

1. Kelowna Fringe Festival

Location: Multiple venues in Kelowna, BC
Presented By: New Vintage Theatre
Date & Time: Jan 28 – Feb 4, 2024, various times check the website for details
Price: $15-$18

Prepare to be captivated by the arts as the Kelowna Fringe Festival takes center stage.  This multi-day event celebrates the diversity and innovation of performing arts, featuring a wide array of performances from local and international artists. With shows ranging from theatre and dance to comedy and spoken word, the Kelowna Fringe Festival offers a unique and intimate experience. The festival is renowned for its uncensored, unjuried performances that push artistic boundaries and showcase emerging talents.

2. Fireside Festival

Location: Red Bird and BNA Brewery
Presented By: Fireside Festivals
Date & Time: Feb 2nd – Feb 4th, 2024
Price:  $25-$210

Kelowna’s Fireside Festival is bound to be the party of the winter. In the heart of winter, warm up with 300 of your closest friends to enjoy food, drinks, and great music.  The energy will transform the chilly season into an unforgettable outdoor party. Fireside Festival’s charm lies in the blend of crackling bonfires, live performances, and the enticing scent of marshmallows in the crisp winter air.

Embrace the spirit of community as local and international artists showcase their talents, from mesmerizing storytelling to soul-soothing live music. The festival invites all to gather around the fires, share in the magic of winter, and revel in the collective joy that transcends the cold. Fireside Festival starts with a kickoff party on Feb 2nd to an all-day party with a fusion of indie, hip-hop, R&B, and EDM to keep the energy going.  Then wind down at BNA Brewing for a house party to remember.

3. Silver Star Ice Carving Display

Location: Silver Star Mountain Resort
Presented By: Festivals Kelowna
Date & Time: Feb 2nd – Feb 4th, 2024
Price: Free

Marvel at the skill and creativity of talented ice sculptors as they transform blocks of ice into intricate and awe-inspiring masterpieces.  Bundle up, bring your camera, and immerse yourself in the chilly beauty of this unique artistic spectacle.

This free event offers a fantastic opportunity for families, friends, and art enthusiasts to witness the magic of ice carving up close. Stroll through the display area, interact with the artists, and capture stunning photographs of these ephemeral works of art.

Mark your calendars, and make the most of these exciting events happening in and around Kelowna. From theatre to fireside parties and dazzling ice sculptures, there’s a great weekend of unforgettable experiences waiting for everyone to enjoy


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