Kelowna Real Estate: 2018 Home Trends

modern living room with bright natural lights

With a new year approaching comes new home trends for Kelowna real estate. Each year we see new paint colours, accent furniture and the list goes on. So with January right around the corner, what will 2018’s biggest home trends be for Kelowna real estate? Here is what is predicted for 2018…

Bold Kitchens for Kelowna Real Estate

modern kitchen with bold accents

Bold Kitchens for Kelowna Real Estate

One of the trends we are starting to see make a return is colourful and bold kitchens. Now we don’t mean go and paint your kitchen walls a bright green and call it a day. Kitchens are becoming more modern looking featuring white cabinets, light walls, grey accents and then adding a pop of colour. Most popular ways of adding a pop of colour is with colourful bar stools or with decorative objects.

Unique Accents

Forgo the traditional silver brushed faucets and it’s time to bring out the unique brass faucets and handles. Brass was popular in 2016 and it is about to make a return in 2018 again. If you are a bit hesitant to introduce brass accents in your home, try adding it slowly. Think small accents such as vases and decor pieces. You do not need to start with large accent pieces in order to introduce this trend into your Kelowna real estate.

modern bedroom with calm neutral tones

Calm and Modern Bedrooms

Calm and Modern Bedrooms

Contrary to the previous point, 2018 is the time for calm and modern bedrooms. Neutral tones such as grey, whites and greenery are making a statement this upcoming year. Not only are calm and modern bedrooms in this year but also the minimalist lifestyle is as well. Large arm-knit blankets, light grey and white bedding, soft neutral tones for furniture are sure to keep your home on trend for 2018.

Well, there you have it! These are just a few home trends predicted for 2018 Kelowna real estate. If you are looking for a home in Kelowna to add these 2018 home trends to, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Our dedicated team of real estate agents have years of experience selling Kelowna real estate. One of our knowledgeable real estate professionals can assist you with your next Kelowna home purchase. Call 1-778-760-2860 today!