5 Advantages of Listing Kelowna Houses for Sale in Winter

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Sale in Winter

There are several surprising benefits to listing Kelowna houses for Sale in the Winter months.

Are you waiting until the weather improves to place your home on the Kelowna real estate market? You’re not alone in this way of thinking. However, when it comes to Kelowna houses for sale, there are several distinct advantages to listing in winter.

No matter what time of year it is, people are constantly looking for homes to buy. You might just be pleasantly surprised with the results if you list now instead of waiting until spring. Our Kelowna realtors are here to help explain why:

1. Winter Buyers Are Motivated Buyers

People generally don’t drive around in winter unless they have to. So if they’re out in the cold looking at Kelowna houses for sale, there’s a high probability that they’re serious about buying.

To avoid driving around unnecessarily, house shoppers around this time of year typically take more time to prepare. That means:

  • Researching the types of homes they’re looking for
  • Only viewing homes they’re serious about
  • Putting in solid offers when they find the right place

So, while you can expect fewer showings in winter, the ones you do get will be by more qualified buyers.

2. Lower Inventory

As mentioned, many homeowners who are looking to place a Kelowna real estate listing prefer to wait until spring. If you’re listing in winter, that automatically works in your favor. And the more people who wait, the lower the inventory remains.

As a result, you’ll be competing with fewer listings in your:

  • Neighborhood
  • Price range
  • Housing type

This gives your property more of an opportunity to stand out among a smaller pool of Kelowna houses for sale.

3. Holiday Wish List

Some families want more than a present under the tree for Christmas. Sometimes they want (or need) a new home and the holidays are an ideal time to do some reconnaissance. The kids are already out of school and work-life tends to slow down in many industries, making it an opportune time to see what’s available.

4. New Year’s Resolution

The New Year causes people to make big changes in their lives, and moving into a new home would certainly qualify as a fresh start. 

5. Get a Head Start on Spring

If you plan on buying a new home after you sell your old one, this is an ideal time to do it. By closing a Kelowna real estate deal in winter, you’ll be ready for action when the market picks up again in spring. This benefits you in several ways:

  • You’ll have a clear understanding of your financial situation
  • You can make offers without restrictions (i.e. pending the sale of your house)
  • There will be more Kelowna houses for sale to choose from

For home staging tips around this time of year, read our post: How to Stage Kelowna Real Estate During Winter Months. 

Listing Kelowna houses for sale in winter can help you take advantage of a smaller real estate inventory. To discuss your options, come and talk to the experts at Vrecko Real Estate Group.