How to Create Privacy for Your Kelowna Downtown Condo

modern downtown condo with greenery accents

If you live in a Kelowna downtown condo, you know what we mean when we say that privacy is minimal! If you are living in a Kelowna downtown condo and you are looking to create some privacy, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our three tips on how to create privacy for your Kelowna downtown condo!

Add bookshelves

Kelowna downtown condo with bookshelf in living room

Add a bookshelf

If you are looking to add some privacy to your Kelowna downtown condo, one way to do it is to add bookshelves! Carefully stage the bookshelf so that it doesn’t make your small Kelowna downtown condo look crowded! Adding a bookshelf to your Kelowna downtown condo, will not only add that extra bit of decor but will also separate rooms and add that privacy you are longing for.

Take advantage of privacy screens

Another easy way to add privacy to your Kelowna downtown condo is to add privacy screens. These screens are easy to use and can easily block off a section of your Kelowna downtown condo! Tick off “add privacy” on your to-do list with ease! Voila, a simple task and you’ve got the privacy you have been waiting for! 

large green plant in Kelowna downtown condo

Add greenery to your condo

Tall plants

A modern approach to adding some privacy to your Kelowna condo is by adding tall plants. Adding tall and green plants is a great way to add privacy and every home needs a bit of nature! There are plenty of great large plants to purchase, a few of our favorites are aloe Vera, palm, and rubber trees. These great plants are easy to maintain and great to add to your downtown Kelowna condo.

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