sitting by the fire watching a Christmas movie

Well, the snow has officially made its appearance. Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like the snow may be here to stay! With the cooler weather, it’s often hard to find things for your little ones to do that’ll keep them out of the cool weather and into warm weather! Yes we all wish we were going on a hot vacation and sitting on a beach bathing in the warm summer heat. This winter in Kelowna, have a few fun activities up your sleeve for your little ones to do if the weather stops you from going outside!

Create an Indoor movie theatre

three children sitting in indoor movie theatre

Create an indoor movie theatre

Don’t let winter in Kelowna get you down! Create an indoor movie theatre in your Kelowna home. If you are looking for an inexpensive and fun idea for you and the family, this is it! Start by gathering the little ones, this one they will for sure help set up! Grab blankets, pillows and whatever else you may need to assemble this indoor movie theatre. Pick a movie the whole family will love and enjoy this time that you have with your little ones!

Fire and Hot Chocolate

The best part of this weather is cozying up to the fireplace and grabbing a nice hot cup of coco! This is probably the hottest indoor activity and we mean it! You can do plenty of things while sitting at the fire with hot chocolate. Play a game with your family, share fun memories of 2017 or just sit and enjoy the beautiful fire and time spent with family in your Kelowna home.

family baking until winter in Kelowna is over

Bake until Winter in Kelowna is over!

Bake until winter in Kelowna is over!

One way to heat up your Kelowna home and warm some of your little ones bellies is by baking! There are so many different things you can bake to keep your home warm and make winter in Kelowna go by quicker! Check out Pinterest for great recipes for holiday baking! This is a fun way to get the family together. Have fun decorating cookies or eating freshly baked brownies… don’t forget to share!

Winter in Kelowna is officially upon us! Don’t let the cool weather get you down. Try one or all of these hottest indoor activities with your family this winter. Enjoy the next few months of cool weather and snow. Spend time with your little ones, enjoy family time and keep warm in your Kelowna home.

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