graffiti wall, the best decorating idea for a boy's room in Kelowna

Quincy and I have 2 boys that just turned 8 and 10. As they grow up (boo, hoo) we wanted to transform their bedrooms from little babies rooms to ulitmate boys room.  Looking through hundreds of photos for the best decorating ideas for a boy’s room, we thought we should let our little men decide.

Starting with a clean slate, we re-painted out all the rooms white. Our oldest son Gabriel is really into Pokemon and was convinced this was how he wanted to decorate.  Not my choice for the best decorating idea for a boy’s room, however, we wanted to empower him to make his own choice.  After a few weeks of throwing ideas around, he decided on what I think is THE BEST idea I’ve ever heard of.

The best decorating idea for a boy’s room is…

He decided wanted a collage of all of his favorite things and wanted it done with graffiti.  I was impressed with his creativity!! So we began the search for a graffiti artist that could get the job done.  It’s harder than I thought to find such an artist and while everyone thought is was the best decorating idea for a boy’s room, they had no idea who could paint it.

We tried for 3 months placing ads on Castanet and Kijiji. With no luck, my son and I made up a flyer. We posted them at the skate park at Ben Lee Park in Rutland.  A week later, a graffiti artist contacted me and was excited to do the job.  He came and learned about my son’s interest and put together a preliminary sketch of what it would look like.  

In a day of and half, we had an original art wall shown here in time lapse.  

We were all very happy with end result.  The artist who completed my son’s wall in has incredible talent. Although we do not condone illegal graffiti,(this would be any graffiti done to property without consent), Quincy and I would encourage anyone to employ the services of a graffiti artist.  

Not only is graffiti the best decorating idea for a boy’s room, this art could be used for personal or business. Try personalizing a wall in your home, brand your vehicles or feature an outdoor murals for your local Kelowna business.  

If you are looking for a Kelowna home to add a graffiti wall to, contact Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Tracey Vrecko is a dedicated real estate professional with years of industry experience selling Kelowna homes, condominiums, and townhouse. If you are looking for real estate in Kelowna, call Tracey Vrecko today! 1-778-760-2860!