9th Annual Sensitive Santa 2023

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Celebrating Years of Joy: Quincy and Tracey’s 9th Annual Sensitive Santa Event in Kelowna
Hey Kelowna! We’re thrilled to announce that, for the 9th year in a row, we’ll be hosting the Sensitive Santa event at The District Mall on 565 Bernard Avenue. We, Quincy and Tracey Vrecko, are the proud founders of this heartwarming tradition that brings joy and inclusivity to families living with loved ones on the Autism Spectrum.

Dates: December 3rd & 10th

 Santas Dedication: Can you believe it’s been nine years since we started this incredible journey? Time flies when you’re spreading holiday cheer and creating memories that last a lifetime. We’ve been with you, Kelowna, since the beginning, and we couldn’t be prouder to be the pioneers of the Sensitive Santa movement in our beloved city.

The Original Event: Our Sensitive Santa event is all about providing a sensory-friendly space where kids on the Autism Spectrum can experience the magic of meeting Santa without the overwhelming stimuli. This year, we’ve found a cozy new home at The District Mall in Downtown Kelowna, making it even more accessible for our community.

Key Features of the Sensitive Santa Event:

  1. Appointment-Only Visits: We want each family to have their special moment with Santa, so we’re offering private 5-minute sessions to minimize wait times and ensure an intimate experience. The event is held in the Town Center Mall which has its own dedicated space for the Sensitive Santa event.
  2. Sensory-Friendly Environment: Expect no blaring music and dim lights; we’ve carefully crafted an environment that’s calm and comfortable for kids with sensory sensitivities.
  3. After-Hours and Private Bookings: To keep it intimate and avoid large crowds, we’re hosting the event after regular Town Center Mall hours. It’s our way of making sure every family can enjoy the experience without feeling overwhelmed.


The Origin Story: This whole idea started with us, Quincy and Tracey, as parents. Watching our son, Paxton, struggle with the traditional Santa visits in crowded, brightly lit malls motivated us to create an event that would make it easier for him and for all families facing similar challenges. With the incredible support of Orchard Park Mall and Autism Okanagan, Sensitive Santa has become a beacon of inclusivity during the festive season.

Raising Awareness: Did you know that 1 in 68 children in Canada is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder? Our Sensitive Santa event isn’t just about holiday fun; it’s also about raising awareness and fostering understanding within our community.

As we celebrate a decade of Sensitive Santa events in Kelowna, we’re inviting you to join us at The District Mall. It’s not just about photos with Santa; it’s about creating lasting memories, fostering inclusivity, and spreading the true spirit of the holiday season together. See you there, Kelowna!

Still looking to register last minute? Secure your spot here.