Okanagan Winery List You Need to Visit!

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The beautiful weather is officially here and for some of us, that means time to start exploring the great outdoors. Whether that be walking along our beautiful Okanagan Lake, enjoying the downtown nightlife, or visiting our spectacular wineries. Did I just say wineries? Sure did! We didn’t get the name “Wine Country” for nothing! If you need something to do this weekend,  here are 5 wineries you need to visit in the Okanagan.

Mission Hill Winery

winery located in the Okanagan

Mission Hill Winery

Family-owned and located in the community near Lakeview Heights, is the spectacular Mission Hill Family Estate. Take in the beautiful breathtaking Okanagan views from the Terrace Restaurant where they source local, sustainable, and seasonal food, or sample some of the award-winning wines with their knowledgeable associates. In 1984 this winery won the coveted Avery Trophy for “Best Chardonnay in the World” at the International Wine and Spirit Competition.

Quail’s Gate Winery

Just a short drive from Mission Hill Winery, you will find the amazing Quail’s Gate Winery. Enjoy the expansive views from the outdoor patio and sip on some sublime wines. The family-owned estate is known for its national wine brand and its exceptional wines that are fresh and rich in color and flavor.

Tantalus Winery

Located in the community of South East Kelowna is this spectacular 75-acre single vineyard site. Known for their 1978 Riesling and 1985 Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, this winery was established in 2004 by Eric Savics. This winery hosts amazing events, such as a dinner cooked by the Top Chef Canada Alumni.

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Purchased by the Cipes Family in 1986, this winery has been practicing organic winemaking. Summerhill Winery has been committed to producing 100% organic wine and in 2012 received Demeter Biodynamic certification. In 2007 the cellar achieved the Certified Organic Status allowing this amazing winery to display the organic logo on their bottles. If you are wondering why this winery chose to go organic check out their website for a short video.

view of Lake Okanagan from winery

Breathtaking views

Sandhill Winery

Located in the community of Downtown Kelowna is this amazing winery that dedicates its techniques to not interfere with the natural flavors of the wine but enhance them. The grapes used for the wine come from six different BC Vineyards which makes this winery very unique. They source out the best and unique combination of soil composition, slope, and sun exposure to ensure they create a wine that is unlike the others.

Needless to say, we are in no shortage of amazing wineries in the Okanagan. These are just 5 wineries you need to visit in the Okanagan this Summer. Aside from having spectacular varieties, awards, and breathtaking views of the Okanagan, these wineries are sure to excite your taste buds.