3 Home Staging Mistakes to avoid when selling your Kelowna Home

lady standing in kitchen thinking of staging ideas

If your Kelowna home is up for sale, or you are looking to list, you know the importance of ensuring your home is in tip top shape. That being said, are you making one of these home staging mistakes? When you have your home up for sale, avoid making these mistakes to ensure your home sells for top dollar! 

Forgetting the Small Touches

glass jar with flowers in bathroom on counter

Don’t forget the small touches

When a potential buyer comes through your home, they are going to try to imagine themselves living in your home. From the first moment they walk in till the minute they close the door. Home sellers tend to forget the small things that could really make their home stand out to a potential buyer. Make your home feel welcoming. Put some flowers in the bathrooms, put a fruit basket on the kitchen counter, hey, even bake some chocolate chip cookies to make your home smell delicious! Whatever you do, don’t clutter your Kelowna home. You want to make sure the home still feels light and airy, but also adding in those special touches.

Over Staging your Kelowna Home

When you are ready to start staging your home, you may start thinking off all of the possible things you could do with each room. Keep in mind there is such a thing as over staging a room. Try to limit how much you place on bookshelves, end tables and bathroom countertops. You want your home to look inviting and neat. Over staging your home could give off the impression it is cluttered.

modern furniture in Kelowna home

Don’t overcrowd a room

Too much furniture

People tend to think that they need to fill a room up with a bunch of furniture in order to make the room feel full. Too much furniture, or clutter, could make the room actually feel smaller. Try to limit the amount of furniture in the room, opt for modern and smaller pieces rather than large bulky pieces. You’ll be surprised as to how open and large your rooms look by just taking away a few pieces and pulling the furniture away from the walls and towards the centre of the room.

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