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Step into Ascent: The Pinnacle of Carbon-Free Living in Kelowna, BC.

Nestled in the tranquil embrace of Kelowna’s Upper Mission area, Ascent offers a diverse array of living options, from cozy studios to generous 1, 2, and 3 bedroom suites. Your Quality Inside™ abode features opulent quartz countertops, whisper-soft closing cabinetry, gleaming stainless steel appliances, and an array of exquisite finishes that elevate your living space to a realm of unparalleled distinction.

Elevate Your Expectations with Over 4,200 Homes Delivered!

75% Beyond the Norm in Efficiency

With a legacy of crafting quality homes that stretches back to 2005, Ascent boasts an impressive track record of energy-efficient construction. Having erected over 1,200 homes registered with the Built Green program, they proudly uphold their commitment to environmental sustainability. Each Ascent dwelling is meticulously designed to meet Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code, marking an exceptional 75% increase in energy efficiency compared to the standard Building Code.

The Climate Crisis?

Ascent, your Carbon-Free Home, offers a daily opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. Highstreet, the visionary force behind these eco-friendly residences, has skillfully eliminated the need for carbon-based heating, relying solely on clean electricity for all your energy needs. This means Ascent homes consume a remarkable 75% less energy than traditional Building Code structures. What’s more, their innovative design holds the promise of future solar electricity advancements that could fully offset energy consumption.

Elevate the Definition of QualityAscent Vrecko Real Estate

Your Carbon-Free Home at Ascent prioritizes quality at every turn, especially in the construction methods, materials, and the integrity of the building envelope. Here’s a glimpse of the meticulous care that goes into every detail:

Building Envelope: A dedicated focus on insulation, high-quality windows, and airtight seals to eliminate air leaks.

Airtightness and Cleaner Air: Rigorous attention to maintaining airtight integrity, ensuring both comfort and energy efficiency while fostering superior indoor air quality.

Flood Protection: Ascent homes come equipped with an advanced flood detection system, proactively safeguarding your home against water-related incidents.

Water and Energy Savings: Benefit from water-efficient fixtures and Energy Star appliances, translating into potential savings for you.

Noise Reduction: At Ascent, expect best-in-class sound attenuation for wood-frame apartments, boasting a built rating of 60 to ensure a peaceful haven for you.

Enhance your peace of mind with extended warranty coverage:

2-year protection for materials and labor

4-year coverage for electrical and plumbing systems

10-year assurance for the building envelope

20-year security for the building structure

Transform Your Lifestyle

Choose Ascent as your new home, and unlock a world of possibilities where you’ll relish every moment. Whether you crave sun-kissed beaches, serene parks, challenging golf courses, invigorating hiking trails, or thrilling biking adventures, Ascent is your gateway to a vibrant array of activities for you and your family. At Ascent, let the stress of home buying melt away as you embrace your role as a climate-conscious hero.

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