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Experience Serene Lakeside Living at Aqua Waterfront Village

Unveiling the Final Phase of Tranquil Luxury Living

The Aqua Waterfront Village welcomes you to a waterfront sanctuary, a haven of tranquility and sophistication. This final release of homes is a testament to simplicity, elegance, and contemporary design. The Aqua homes feature clean lines, bright open living spaces, and soothing neutral colors, creating the perfect backdrop for a serene lakeside lifestyle.

Architectural Marvels on the Boardwalk

Nestled on the boardwalk, three elegant towers stand tall, showcasing architectural brilliance born from a partnership with the renowned IBI Group. The design of these towers beautifully mirrors the fluidity of water flowing down a creek. From the boardwalk itself to the meticulously designed amenities, Aqua Waterfront Village has been crafted with the singular purpose of enhancing your moments by the lake.

Unobstructed Views of Nature’s Beauty

Living on the boardwalk means being privy to extraordinary views. Expansive windows frame captivating vistas of the shimmering waters, majestic mountains, and the city’s enchanting lights. Furthermore, spacious outdoor balconies and terraces beckon the untouched beauty of the Okanagan into your home.

Uncover Subtle Elegance in the Details

Understated elegance is a recurring theme throughout Aqua Waterfront Village. Each home boasts unique and tailored details to suit different floor plans. The features and appliances in every home exude sophistication and superior performance.

Four exquisite color palettes, thoughtfully curated by Lisa Perry Interior Design, have been inspired by the natural environment’s diverse expressions. As you explore this final phase of homes, you’ll discover a world of possibilities.

Home Features that Elevate Your Lifestyle

Aqua homes offer a range of exquisite features designed to elevate your lifestyle. Brushed oak engineered hardwood flooring graces every home, while sleek matte black or matte gold faucets and trim add a touch of sophistication. These finishes perfectly complement the polished stone countertops and smooth tile accents.

Experience the Aqua Lifestyle

At the heart of Kelowna’s Lower Mission neighborhood, Aqua Waterfront Village offers a lifestyle like no other. This lakefront community embodies vacation-inspired living, celebrating life’s pleasures through indulgence, convenience, and enjoyment. For those who have a passion for boating, Aqua’s onsite Aqua Boat Club is a dream come true.

An Unparalleled Boating Experience

The Aqua Boat Club is the cornerstone of the Aqua Waterfront Village lifestyle. Boating is deeply ingrained in the Okanagan lifestyle, and the Aqua Boat Club takes this passion to new heights. A state-of-the-art boathouse offers secure boat storage, retrieval, and launching services for residents. For those without watercraft, the boat sharing program provides access to a fleet of vessels. Exclusive membership opportunities are available each season, ensuring everyone gets to experience the joy of being on the water.

The Visionaries – Mission Group

With a legacy spanning nearly two decades, Mission Group has been an instrumental part of Kelowna’s growth and development. The founders, Jonathan Friesen and Randall Shier, have worked tirelessly to build this beautiful community. From single-family homes to master-planned urban and resort-style high-rise communities, Mission Group’s commitment to excellence is evident throughout.

Distinguished Design – IBI Group

Aqua Waterfront Village’s impressive architectural design is a result of the collaboration with IBI Group, an internationally recognized architectural firm. Their portfolio is a testament to their innovative approach to architecture, intelligent systems, and efficient infrastructure. They have consistently ranked among the world’s largest architecture and engineering firms since 2011.

Elegant Interiors by Lisa Perry

The elegant interiors of Aqua Waterfront Village have been meticulously designed by Lisa Perry, Director of LPI Design. With over three decades of experience in the fashion, art, and development industries, Lisa brings a unique blend of timeless style and intuitive design expertise. Lisa believes in approaching interior design from the homebuyer’s perspective, and her extensive portfolio reflects her commitment to creating spaces that truly resonate with homeowners.

In this final phase of Aqua Waterfront Village, all these elements combine to offer a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury, tranquility, and sophistication in the heart of Kelowna. This is more than just lakeside living; it’s a celebration of the art of life.

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