Our Approach.

We are a Professional Kelowna Real Estate Agency

It takes years of industry experience, dedication, professionalism and training to become a QVA agent. Instead of crossing our fingers and waiting for the phone to ring, QVA Agents are motivated and proactive. Our team of highly trained and licensed sales agents focus on the goal of selling your home. The QVA team provides you with the knowledge and support to successfully buy and sell Kelowna Real Estate.

Full Service Real Estate Showings

When another real estate agent wants to show your home, we go the extra mile to make the experience amazing. Instead of leaving them to self-serve with a lockbox, QVA Agents attend ALL showings to guide the tour and answer all questions – ensuring you (the seller) is represented. Commissions are the same for you, so why not hire a QVA Agent who’s prepared to work harder to fully represent your property?