family of 4 biking on a trail

The sun is shining the grass is green and Summer is just around the corner. Take advantage of this beautiful weather by biking through our amazing city. The Okanagan is surrounded by beautiful beaches and parks so whether you are looking for an easy trail to bike with your kids and family or a moderate/difficult trail to get your heart rate up, we’ve got the top biking trails in the Okanagan for you to explore.

view from mountain biking trail in the Okanagan

Biking trails in the Okanagan

Smith Creek Trail

Located in West Kelowna is this moderate biking trail. There are great beginner trails at near the bottom where you can bring the family. The higher you go up the more difficult and intense the trail gets. Spend around 1-4 hours here and enjoy a afternoon bike ride while taking in the great views of the Okanagan.

Mission Creek Greenway

Mission Creek Greenway is a easy biking trail that is perfect for the whole family. Over 16 km long and running parallel to the Mission Creek, this trail is sure to excite the whole family. Each day more than 1,000 people use this trail and it is open all year long. Bring the dog, pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic while enjoying some of Kelowna’s great views.

person biking on a biking trail

Bike through the Myra Canyon Trestles

Myra Canyon

Great trail for hiking but also for biking! What is also great about Myra Canyon is you do not have to have your own bike as they do rentals on the trail. Not only do they rent adult and youth bikes but they also rent child-trailers for your little ones to join along! Enjoy the 18 trestles, 2 tunnels and spectacular views at Myra Canyon and you’ll know exactly why this made the list of top biking trails in the Okanagan.

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