Although the winter months are a not-so-popular time to sell a home, there are many benefits that will be favorable towards selling one during this season. A huge plus is reduced competition. At a time when demand is high for homes in Kelowna, you are more likely to sell yours within a short period of time. Here are a few tips for you to stage your home during the winter season and make your property a show-stopping spectacle for potential buyers.


Keep your abode cozy

During a showing, it’s always important to keep the house warm for potential buyers. Raising the temperature to 70 degrees will maintain a comfortable climate inside your home. This can help potential buyers to focus on the property’s features more comfortably. 

The curb appeal still matters

Winter months are hard to rely on flowering plants to have that perfect curb appeal. One option is to have cold-weather plants. You can jazz up your front door by giving it a fresh coat of paint and have some outdoor furniture that looks cozy and inviting on the front porch as the eyes of anyone visiting your home will naturally focus on what’s at your entrance.

Clear walkways and driveways

As a seller, it’s important to keep the walkways and driveways clear especially if it has snowed during the winter. It’s important to put down salt if there is excessive ice on the ground. Ensuring the safety of potential buyers during a viewing is very important when selling your home.

Lots of lighting

The first impression of a home at all times is a home with natural light in abundance. This can be a challenge during a gloomy winter day. It’s essential to have the spaces well-lit where natural light is difficult to reach. 

Get Organised

Winter can be tough on your floors. No one wants to see muddy footprints during a viewing. Have lots of floor mats to wipe the mud off the shoes or choose to provide disposable shoe covers for viewers. It is also essential to store your winter gear in an organized manner. Having your coats hung and shoes laid on racks will go a long way. Through occasional sweeping, vacuuming, and a mop between viewings, you can make your home look the best for every prospective buyer.


Winter months are a perfect time to sell your home as real estate agents are less busy and could give you additional attention and help market your property at a time when competition is less. If you are thinking of selling your home Quincy and Vrecko Associates are happy to provide you with an evaluation at no cost! To learn more about the benefits of listing with us, click here.