Welcome to the neighborhood of Gellatly Bay in West Kelowna, British Columbia:

Gellatly Bay

The Gellatly Bay Neighbourhood is mainly situated along the shores of Okanagan Lake just south of West Kelowna.

The Gellatly Road South in West Kelowna comes down off of the hill and Hwy 97 at Gorman Brothers Lumber. It is the first direct route to Okanagan Lake as you enter West Kelowna from Peachland or the Highway 5 connector. Once down by the lake, you ride alongside the creek past the Gellatly Regional Park and Nut Farm. This area is a peaceful resort or retirement-style neighborhood on Okanagan Lake. Much of the area is taken up by the Bylands Nursery with the main area of family homes along Whitworth Road.

The Cove Lakeside Resort at the end of Gellately Road South is a large and very successful condo development with excellent amenities. What was once older style waterfront cottages and summer homes have now been rebuilt into luxury waterfront homes as you move along the shoreline. The land in Gellatly’s neighborhood is very flat and not very high off of the lake, which results in nice beaches for homeowners in the area.

All services and amenities are up on the highway corridor in West Kelowna about a 15-minute drive away.

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