The Nautique Super Air G21 is one of the most sought-after boat rentals Kelowna locals would love to call their own.

One of the main attractions of the Okanagan Valley is Okanagan Lake. Stretching 135 km from Vernon to Penticton, it’s both a lifeline and a source of pleasure for everyone. However, to enjoy it at its finest, you need to experience it by boat. That’s why we’ve invited the Kelowna Downtown Marina to discuss the merits of using their rental services.

Every summer, like clockwork, visitors from all over Western Canada flock to the Okanagan Valley for a little fun in the sun. The valley attracts families with a little more disposable income or those that know a good property investment when they see one. They choose to buy a second home so they can settle in quickly and make the most of their time. It’s that time-saving mindset that causes many of these visitors to seek out boat rentals Kelowna residents are so impressed by.

Here are a few reasons why renting a boat is a much more convenient option over owning one:


Show up and Go

Boat ownership is kind of a love-hate affair. You love it when you’re out frolicking on the water with your friends and family. Those feelings are somewhat dampened when it comes to the towing, maintaining and storing your vessel.


Plenty of Options When it Comes to Boat Rentals Kelowna Lake Lovers Admire

Downtown Marina offers a full line of performance boats by Tigé and Chapparal, pontoon boats by Sweetwater. They cater to every need and budget:


Super Air Nautique G21: With seating for up to 14 riders, 2,850 pounds of ballast for huge wakes, and touchscreen controls, this bad boy represents the latest in comfort, performance, style and entertainment.

Chapparal SSi 206: With seating for 10, this is an ideal vessel for groups looking to tour around Okanagan Lake in search of idyllic lakeshore views.

Premium Pontoon: If you like to take things slow, then this 14-person pleasure cruiser is just the thing for you. Ideal for fishing or just hanging out on the water, you’re sure to have a relaxing outing.


For additional information on which type of boat might be best for you, read our article: Wakeboard Boats or a Cruising Watercraft


Leave Your Other Boat at Home

If you have a boat at your primary residence, hauling it to your Okanagan summer home can be a major undertaking, especially if you’re driving through mountain passes to get here. You can alleviate that burden with boat rentals Kelowna watercraft enthusiasts would happily drive themselves.

About Downtown Marina Kelowna
Want to get on the water without the hassle of owning a boat? Learn about boat rentals Kelowna residents would be thrilled to call their own by visiting Downtown Marina. We also offer convenient services such as marine fuel, temporary moorage and a snack shop. 

Quincy Vrecko & Associates want our clients to experience the Okanagan Valley for the paradise it truly is. Getting out and exploring Okanagan Lake by boat is part of that experience. Who knows, you might become so enamored with it that you decide you want to live right on the lakeshore. If that’s the case, there a number of exciting property investments in neighbourhoods like the Lower Mission, Downtown Kelowna, Westside Road and Lakeview Heights in West Kelowna.

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