7 Necessities for your Kelowna Guest Bedroom


Now that it is October and the summer has come and went it is time to update and organize your Kelowna home. Whether it is small weekend projects or a big project that will take months it is time to get your Kelowna home updated to better suit your family’s needs. With the weekend slowly approaching we have a small project that you can tackle – Your Kelowna Guest Bedroom! Here are 7 things we believe every Guest Bedroom needs.

Clean Sheets

There’s something about coming home to the smell of a clean house and a freshly washed pair of sheets so make your guests feel that way when they step in their guest bedroom. Invest in a few good sets of sheets so you are not stuck doing laundry if you have back-to-back guests coming. Keep some thicker blankets in the closet or end of the bed so if your guests get cooler in the night they have a blanket to add on!


Keep Necessities on Hand

No one is perfect, it is fate that one of your guests will forget something when they travel whether that be a toothbrush, a hairbrush or some toothpaste. Make them feel welcome by keeping some necessities on hand for scenarios like this. Great idea to have a bucket of toiletries in the closet or end table for your guests so they don’t have to come to you every time they realize they forgot something.


Clean Out the Closet

If you have been using the guest bedroom closet as a place for storage it’s time to get cleaning! Clean out the closet and leave some extra hangers so your guests have a way to organize their clothes rather than wrinkling them in their suitcase.

books and magazinesSet of Books/Magazines

It’s always nice to have a few magazines or books in the bedroom, so if your guests are having a tough time going to bed or just want to be able to relax for a few hours they have something to do! Keep them in the bedside table for easy access and your guests will thank you later!

Extra Chargers

There’s nothing worse than leaving your charger at home by accident. Have a few chargers in the bedside table of your Kelowna guest room so just in case your guest forgot theirs they can still enjoy using their mobile device while away to keep in contact with their loved ones back home.

bedside lampAdd Some Extra Lighting

Do your guests like to read before they go to bed or do they like to enjoy a little midnight snack? Don’t let them enjoy it in the dark! Find some unique end table lamps to add to your Kelowna guest bedroom!


Extra Pillows

There’s nothing worse than staying at someone else’s house and having sleepless nights. Make your guests feel comfortable in your Kelowna guest bedroom by adding some extra pillows to the bed.  This also doubles as a backrest if you don’t have a chair in the bedroom. They can easily place the pillows behind their back for a more comfortable position to read in!

fresh flowersAdd Florals

Nothing says a clean fresh room like a bouquet of flowers. It doesn’t have to be an expensive arrangement but something small and fresh will do the trick. Just ensure you buy it the day of or day before your guests arrive so it stays fresh throughout their stay.


Are you getting your home ready to sell? Take advantage of the time and advice given by our expert Kelowna real estate team, which ensures your home is in its best shape to set your sale up for success. Get in touch! 1-778-760-2860!


Boost your Home Curb Appeal 



While we were traveling through the Upper Mission on the weekend, we couldn’t help but stare at some of the homes with the BEST home curb appeal. We just had to share some of the ideas with you! If you are lacking an eye-catching exterior for your home, we’ve got you covered!

Paint your Front Door

Yellow and blue door on brick house

Painting your front door is a quick and straightforward way to add to the home curb appeal, and if done right it can be completed on the weekend! We recommend a bold color to stand out from the rest of the house. Painting your front door is fun and unique, if your house is a grey or brown this is a fast way to add a signature touch to your home to prevent it from blending into the rest of the neighborhood

Upgrade your House Number

Modern house numbers

A simple upgrade to your house number will do more than you think! You can quickly modernize your home and there are so many different ways you can upgrade your house number. Whether you go to the store and buy some new numbers or you make your own, it is guaranteed to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Be creative with your mailbox

Doing something creative with your mailbox is a great way to add some personality to your home. Decorating your mailbox is a very fun project that will add curb appeal and function to any home. When painting your mailbox you can go as crazy as you want! You can even let your kids get creative and they can hang their artwork in front of your home. 

Get a new doorknob

Getting new doors nobs is a quick and cheap way to instantly add a modern look to your home. There is a wide range of styles and prices there is a doorknob for everyone. It does not seem like a big change but success in the details!

Add some greenery 

Adding some lush greenery to the front of your home will help add home curb appeal as well as make your home look healthy and maintained. All of the most attractive homes have an arrangement of plants out front. Greenery makes the home feel welcoming and cozy without even stepping inside.



Tracy at Quincy Vrecko and Associates is happy to give a free home curb appeal advice. Whether it be because you are selling your home or just want a little update.

Tracey and Quincy Vrecko

Partners in life and in business, co-founders Tracey and Quincy Vrecko are the face of Quincy Vrecko and Associates.  Started as a small team of 2, they are now one of the top teams for RE/MAX Kelowna. Together for 20 years and parents to 2 boys, we find out what keeps them connected both in and out of the office.    

Where did you meet?

Tracey:  We met in Calgary in 1999.  We both worked in the retail industry at the time and the stores we were running were across from one another.

When did you move to the Okanagan?

Quincy:  We moved in 2009 when our oldest son Gabriel was almost 2, and Tracey was pregnant with our second son Paxton.  We were looking for a quieter city to raise our family that had a great sense of community, for that reason, we decided on Kelowna.

Tracey : I wanted to move back to Winnipeg where I am from and Quincy wanted to go back to the coast where he grew up.  Kelowna was a great compromise!

What do like the most about living in Kelowna?Vrecko's at Big White-Kelowna Real Estate

Tracey:  I like the work/life balance we have.  We are so lucky to be able to balance our time so that we can spend time watching our kids grow up.  They grow up too fast.

Quincy:  I love the lifestyle.  We ski and snowboard with the kids in the winter, and boat and bike in the summer.  Life doesn’t get any better than that.

What do you do when you’re not in the office?

Tracey:  We spend most of our time with the boys at home.  We are real home bodys. We do family movie nights on Friday’s and spend most weekends up at Big White.  In the summer, we are out on our boat or in the pool.

Quincy:  Tracey and I like our TV.  We like to watch Netflix series and movies most nights.  When we can, we like to travel.

What is the best trip you’ve been on together?

Quincy:  It would be our trip to Europe.  We went for 3 weeks. I took Tracey to the Madonna concert in Amsterdam.  It was amazing. But more significantly, this was the trip we decided to start a family.  I will never forget that.

Tracey:  That’s a tough one.  We have travelled to some amazing places.  I would have to say our first trip Tofino. Quincy took me there when we were dating and introduced me to the ocean.  Since then we have been back every year with our family.

Tracey and Quincy couple-Kelowna Luxury Real estateWhat do you love about your partner?

Tracey:  I love his determination and resilience.  He is a strong, confident man and I admire that about him.  He deeply cares about the people in his life and would do anything for them.   And he makes me laugh!

Quincy:  I love her tenacity.  Not only is she a great business partner, she is a great mom to our 2 boys.  She is supportive, caring and hardworking.  I don’t know what I would do without her.

What is a couples story you like to share with people?Tracey and Quincy Vrecko-Kelowna Luxury Real Estate

Quincy:  I like to tell people that Tracey tried to break up with me when we first started dating.  

Tracey:  That’s true!  I took him out for lunch to have the “let’s just be friends talk”.  But he proceeded to tell me, “take the weekend to think about it, you will realise it is the wrong decision.  We have a good thing going here and we should be together”. Now here we are, 20 years later. What a salesman!

What have you learned the most about being partners in life and business?

Tracey:  That communication is the key to success in any relationship.  

Quincy:  That Tracey is always right!

What does the future hold for Quincy Vrecko and Associates?

Quincy:  We are working closely with a business coach to take our company to the next level.  Our new Mission statement really says it all.

Providing an unparalleled approach to buying and selling Family homes, Premium Properties and Luxury Estates in the Canada.  Our promise is to exceed the expectations of all clients and colleagues by always providing absolute exceptional service for every transaction.  



Sensitive Santa 2018

, ,


The Sensitive Santa program will be running again this year at Orchard Park Mall.

Quincy and I are honored to bring back the Sensitive Santa visits.   With the help of Orchard Park Mall and Autism Okanagan, these precious Santa visits are treasured memories.  Sensitive Santa is a private one on one visit for children who have sensory sensitivities.  The hustle and bustle of the mall at Christmas time would normally overwhelm children on the specturm.  These visits make it possible for childen with Autism to enjoy this time honored event. 

Our 8 year old son Paxton has Autism.  It is difficult for him to enjoy a visit with Santa when there are crowds of people, bright lights and loud music.  Five years ago after a stressful attempt to visit Santa at the mall, we came up with idea of Sensitive Santa.Sensitive Santa-Quincy Vrecko real estate

The elements that would make a Santa visit a disaster for us, we now control with the help of Orchard Park Mall.  

Sensitive Santa visits are a success because we:

  • After hours-in order to ensure no large crowds
  • Each visit by appointment only- so every family doesn’t have to wait in line and has 5 minutes of privacy
  • Turn off the music and dim the lights- to ensure sensory sensitive environment

We controll the environment, therefore it has created priceless moments with families.   Before the Sensitive Santa program, these families have not been able to step foot in the mall.  Let alone to visit Santa at Christmas time.  

Autism Spectrum Disorder (known as ASD) is range of conditions. They are characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication.  In Canada, 1 in 68 children are currently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  This makes Autism the fastest growing and most commonly diagnosed neurological disorder in Canada.

Quincy and I hope to be able to bring more programs like Sensitive Santa to the Okanagan.  When I am not selling real estate, I am working with Autism Okanagan.  I am proud to be the acting president for the board of directors.  I am growing awareness in the community and increase activities for families living with a loved one on the Autism spectrum.

sensitive santa quincy and tracey vrecko

Dates for this year are December 2nd, December 9th and December 16th.

To register for Sensitive Santa visit http://sensitivesantaokanagan.ca/register/

Tracey Vrecko