Top Parks in Kelowna to Visit this Summer


Looking for a evening stroll? Are you wanting to take your children on a picnic? Kelowna has some amazing parks where you can enjoy scenery and beautifully landscaped areas all in one visit. The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates have put together a list of the top parks in Kelowna!

Bear Creek Provincial Park

Located in West Kelowna is Bear Creek Provincial Park. With over 170 hectares, this park is sure to have something for everyone in the family. Enjoy canoeing, hiking, biking or just sit at a picnic table and enjoy lunch with your loved ones.

City Park

Another one of the top parks in Kelowna is City Park! Located in Downtown Kelowna close to Highway 97. City Park is one of Kelowna’s hottest parks in the Summer. There are plenty of things to do in this park,

  • Beach Volleyball

  • Take a dip in Okanagan Lake

  • Enjoy the Children’s Waterpark

Mission Creek Regional Park

Head over to the Mission and enjoy another one of the top parks in Kelowna – Mission Creek Regional Park. This spectacular park includes over 12 km of hiking trails, a place for an afternoon picnic and much more! Enjoy the amazing scenery while strolling through this 92 hectare park. Mission Creek Regional Park borders Mission Creek for 3km so take the family on an afternoon stroll and enjoy all this park has to offer!

Waterfront Park

Located on Water Street in Downtown Kelowna, Waterfront Park is home to many Summer activities in Kelowna. Enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Okanagan, and the mountains surrounding you. A walk through Waterfront park truly gives you a taste of what Kelowna is all about.

Kelowna is full of great parks, but that is not only what Kelowna is known for. We also have great real estate. If you are looking to purchase Kelowna real estate, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. One of our knowledgeable Re Max  associates are always ready to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  Call one of our Kelowna Realtors today 1-778-760-2860!


Process of Buying a Kelowna Home


Are you looking to purchase a Kelowna home? The process of buying a Kelowna home involves a great Kelowna realtor who is going to work with you to find the home of your dreams. Whether you are looking to downsize, upgrade or purchase your first home there is steps to go through to go from searching for your Kelowna home to closing the sale.

Finding a Kelowna Realtor

In order to begin the process of buying a Kelowna home, you need a great Kelowna realtor who can assist you. A Kelowna realtor knows the ins and outs of the market and can help you with the search for your Kelowna home. To find a great Kelowna realtor, check out why should I hire a Kelowna realtor?

Begin your Home Search for Buying a Kelowna Home

Once you have a great Kelowna realtor, it’s time to begin your home search. Your Kelowna realtor will begin by gathering information and criteria for what you are looking for in a Kelowna home. Once your Kelowna realtor has gathered all of your information and criteria, you will then most likely be sent a few homes that tick off your boxes!


By far the best part of searching for a Kelowna home is the showings. You get to go through potential homes and search for your future home! Your Kelowna realtor will begin to explain the features of every home and answer any questions you may have. Once you have found one you really like, it’s onto the next step!

Put in an Offer & Remove Subjects

Once you have found a Kelowna home that you love and ticks off all of your boxes, it’s time to put in an offer! This process can be a bit stressful so here are some tips,

  • Know the max you are willing to spend before writing anything on paper

  • Know that this may not go through so keep an open mind on other options of homes you saw and if it does go through, congratulations!

Once you have put in an offer, you’ll have to go through removing your subjects. Depending on what you placed in the initial offer will depend on how this part of the process goes, so ask your Kelowna realtor for some advice on how to remove subjects with ease.


Congratulations, you have just removed subjects on your home and it is now SOLD! You are officially a homeowner and we couldn’t be more happier for you. It is now time to pack, schedule movers and enjoy moving into your new place.

The process of buying a Kelowna home can be tricky and stressful, that is why you need a great realtor to guide you through this process. If you are searching for a Kelowna realtor who can help you find your next home, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Call 1-778-760-2860 today!


Why is a Home Inspection Important?


Are you in the process of purchasing a Kelowna home? First off, congratulations! What an exciting time for you. The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates want to ensure this Kelowna home purchase is as smooth as possible! First things first, home inspections… why are they important? Do we need to get one done on our potential future Kelowna home? What is the reasoning behind a home inspection?

A home inspector will examine all aspects of the home that you may not notice when walking through the

large magnifying glass over a Kelowna living room

What will your home inspector look for?


Things a Home Inspector will look for,

  • Heating

  • Roof

  • Walls

  • Foundation

  • Electrical system

  • Attic

  • Ceilings

  • Much much more!

The home inspector will be able to give you a detailed outline of what is wrong with the home and what you may have to replace down the road. This can save you money as you know if there will be any big expenses coming up to be aware of and if this Kelowna home is still a contender!

Most of the time a home inspection will be a “subject” on your purchase contract. Now the benefit in placing as a subject on your home is if there is substantial underlying damage on the home that you could not have noticed while doing the initial viewing, you can most of the time, back out of the sale.

We highly recommend attending the home inspection. We especially recommend attending the inspection if you are a first time home buyer as will have more questions about your first home that your inspector can answer. Attending your home inspection has plenty of benefits. The inspector will not only walk through the home and give you and the seller a detailed outline of the condition of the home but they can also walk you through where all of the shut off valves are, inform you of approx life of your roof, appliances etc. and is there to answer any questions or concerns you may have of the home.

If you are still struggling to see the importance of a home inspection, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates! One of our knowledgeable associates would love to sit down and discuss the importance of a home inspection! Call 1-778-760-2860!


Canada Day in Kelowna


Happy 150th Canada! Canada Day is just around the corner and it’s a big one this year! Are you struggling to arrange a plan for this big day? The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates have done some digging and found the following great ideas for you and your family to enjoy this Canada Day.

Start your day off by heading over to the Prospera Place and enjoy folk styling dancing & singing! Don’t take off yet, enjoy some amazing German sausages and desserts from all over the world. Did I say dessert? Sure did, a birthday wouldn’t be a birthday without an amazing cake! Wish Canada a Happy Birthday after the amazing performance by enjoying a delicious piece of cake around 1:00PM.

Now if you are still not full from the amazing food held at Prospera Place, head on over to Water Street where they will be featuring some of the best 18 food trucks in Kelowna! Take a delicious bite of food and stroll through Made in Canada Marketplace. Support local companies by purchasing Canadian arts and crafts from some amazing locals.

Are you looking for activities for the young ones? Not to worry, take them over to Pioneer Gardens where there will be a Kids Zone with inflatable bouncers! Head over afterwards to the Kelowna Art Gallery to partake in some chalk art and paint-a-box!

Other amazing activities this year all over Downtown Kelowna are,

  • Ki-Low-Na Friendship Centre “Blanket Exercise”

  • Great Canadian Colour’in provided by Opus

  • Parks Alive – Power Stage

  • TD Beach Stage

Even though the Canada Day fireworks have been postponed for August long weekend, there are tons of great activities to partake in this year to wish Canada a big Happy Birthday! Enjoy these activities and more this Canada Day in our beautiful city!

Are you looking to purchase a home in our beautiful city Kelowna? Contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Aside from providing you information on what to do this Canada Day, the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates are here to provide you information on the Kelowna market to prepare you to purchase your home. Contact a team member today 1-778-760-2860!


Benefits of an Open House


Your Kelowna home is up for sale and your Kelowna realtor starts asking you what date works best for an open house? You instantly pause and think, what is the benefit of an open house? Well, the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates have some secrets to share… Get your Kelowna home sold faster in this red hot market.

Bulk of people through your home

Open houses tend to run for 2-4 hours and are generally on the weekend. For all of those people who have a full time job and have children who are in extracurricular activities, it makes it hard to view homes during the week. A family who is looking to find a home may find it easier to view a bulk of homes on a Saturday afternoon. This benefits you as the seller as you will have a group of people go through your home at once. This will alleviate the stress of having plenty of showings sporadically during the week.

It gets people interested in your home

Hosting an open house, you may get people through your home who were just driving through the neighbourhood and stop in. They may not even be looking to purchase a home yet but they see your home, it ticks off their boxes and they may be considering moving now. On the other side, it gets people in your home who may be unmotivated to book a showing as they don’t feel they are a serious buyer. People coming through your home interested or not, still benefits you as a seller.

You choose your own time and date!

If you work with a great Kelowna realtor, they tend to ask you what date and time works best for you schedule. They may have a great recommendation but you have the final say when you want people coming through your home. You can choose when it works best for you to have a large group of people through your home. Take your family out on great bike ride through Kelowna’s top biking trails and enjoy the scenery while your home’s selling.

In the end, an open house is sure to benefit you as a seller. These are just three benefits of an open house that we shared with you. To learn more contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates today 1-778-760-2860!


Unique Ideas to Add to your Kelowna Home


It is becoming more and more popular to add unique finishings to your Kelowna Home. Whether it be to the living room, kitchen, dining room or master bedroom – it’s important to personalize the home you live in! The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates are here to help with these great unique ideas to add to your Kelowna home.

Install a Paneled Refrigerator in your Kelowna Home

Looking for a way to take your kitchen to the next level without redoing it all? Look into installing a paneled refrigerator. A kitchen isn’t a kitchen without appliances but that doesn’t mean your kitchen can’t look great at the same time! A paneled refrigerator makes it look like your refrigerator is flush with your cabinetry. What a great unique way to add to your Kelowna home without breaking the bank!

Purchase a Indoor Home Herb Garden

Don’t have an abundance of space in your backyard to have your own garden? Have you always dreamed of using fresh herbs from your garden but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered. It’s time for an indoor herb garden! These great inventions look similar to a kitchen bar fridge but they grow your herbs! Now your dreams of gardening at home have come true!

Create a Spa-inspired Bathroom

Have a long day? First thing you want to do is put your feet up! Why not put your feet up in your spa-inspired bathroom! Our favorite unique idea to add to your bathroom is a soaker tub. Soaker tubs instantly make your bathroom feel luxurious and they add that unique touch that we all dream of!

Sunken Living Room

The living room is a place for gathering, relaxing and of course enjoying a nice glass of Okanagan wine so why not wow your guests by creating a sunken living room. This idea easily separates the kitchen from the living room and yet still connects the home together with a unique touch.

If you are looking for more unique ideas to add to your Kelowna home, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Aside from giving you the best advice on the Kelowna real estate market, we are here to help ensure your home is in the best shape. One of our knowledgeable associates are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Whether it be about how to get your home ready to sell or just general inquires on what the market is up. Contact us today 1-778-760-2860!


How to Prepare your Kelowna Home for Sale


Is your kelowna home for sale? It is very important to ensure your Kelowna home is the best shape to set your sale up for success. Let’s face it, first impressions are everything in life. So when your potential buyer walks into your home, it is important that your home is in the best shape it can be! The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates have 3 great ways on how to prepare your Kelowna home for sale.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter

The first thing your potential buyer does not want to see in their future Kelowna home is clutter. Clutter in your home could be hiding your key selling features of your Kelowna home that your potential buyer may not see in the 15 minutes they are viewing your home. Think of it this way, you have 15-30 minutes to really sell your home to it’s potential buyer, is it in the best shape? If you need some tips on how to declutter your home, check out our 7 tips on how to declutter your home. 

Hire a Staging Company

The best decision you can make when getting your Kelowna home ready to sell is to hire a staging company. You would be shocked as to how they can make your home look like it came out of a magazine. They come into your home with a fresh approach and can easily take your home up to the next level. We work with some of the best staging companies in town who we highly recommend!

Fragrances for your Kelowna Home

The first thing people do when they walk into your home is breath. When you are looking at a Kelowna home for sale you use most of your senses. One of the most important senses you will use is your sense of smell. Don’t use the old fashioned sprays, it will not only temporarily mask the smell but most of the time sprays are very strong and can only make it smell worse. Try using essential oils or a stick scent diffuser. Either would work and gradually make your home smell amazing!

These are just some tips on how to prepare your Kelowna home for sale. There are plenty of little things you can do to ensure your Kelowna home is ready to sell. For more expert advice on how to prepare your Kelowna home contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. One of our knowledgeable real estate agents would love to chat, call 1-778-760-2860 today!


The Kelowna Real Estate Market News for May 2017

Kelowna real estate graph showing market trends for may 2017

Kelowna real estate market graph for May 2017

New statistics released by the Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board (OMREB) for May shows the Kelowna real estate market is still red hot going into summer.

Sales of single family homes in Kelowna soared with 1132 sales registering in the month of May. This is a 38% increase over April, however a 6% decrease over the same time last year.  The decrease is directly related to the lack of homes for sale in Kelowna.

“Our current market conditions are driven by simple, supply and demand.  We are going to need more active listings before we see a more balanced Kelowna real estate market, until then, it remains very much a seller’s market.” Vrecko comments 

To show the changes from year to year, the data below shows the inventory over the last 3 years for the month of May:


2017: 719

2016: 859

2015: 1213


2017: 347

2016: 399

2015: 627


2017: 380

2016: 44

2015: 497

The current Kelowna real estate market conditions is resulting in an increase in average house prices and a decrease in days to sell.  The average price for a home in Kelowna has risen to $667,105 and taking only 42 days to sell.  This is a 17% increase over the average home prices last year of $563,020.

When will listings increase?  In the past years, as we approach the summer months where the grass is green, flowers are in bloom and pools are open, sellers are now ready to list their Kelowna home.  An increase in homes for sale in Kelowna will ease the demand and give the buyer’s more selection.

“It’s a great time to be a selling a home in Kelowna. Homes are selling for top dollar in a shorter period of time meaning less hassle for the sellers” – Vrecko 

Tracey Vrecko is a licenced real estate agent with Quincy Vrecko and Associates with over 15 years of experience.  As a Realtor in Calgary in 2006 she experienced a market very similar to the current Kelowna real estate market with multiple offers and homes selling is hours.  It can be very intimidating and mistakes are made if not careful.

Vrecko stresses the importance of using an experienced real estate agent when buying or selling real estate in Kelowna.  A real estate transaction is complex and you should have a professional working for you and protecting your largest investment.

If you are looking to sell your Kelowna real estate, contact Tracey Vrecko today 1-778-760-2860!


Inexpensive Kelowna bathroom updates


Tired of looking at the same dated Kelowna bathroom? Looking for ways to spruce things up that won’t break the bank? It’s time to update your Kelowna bathroom. The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates have these 5 great inexpensive bathroom updates that are sure to bring your bathroom from boring to beautiful!

Add an Accent Wall

colourful accent wall behind bathtub in Kelowna home

Add an accent wall

Looking for a quick way to update your bathroom? Instead of painting the whole bathroom trying adding an accent wall. Focus on the wall by the bathtub or behind the toilet, these walls tend to have nothing going on and could use some updating! A great idea is adding a wooden accent wall over the bathtub to incorporate a rustic effect!

Change out your Decor

Simple easy and relatively cheap if you ask me! Simply changing out your old dated decor and sprucing things up can easily update your bathroom. Try to keep a consistent hue throughout and accent with a bold colour.

Switch out your Light Fixtures

A great way to spruce things up and a very inexpensive bathroom update is to switch out your light fixtures. Try adding a dangling chandelier over your bathtub or make a statement in the middle of the room with an over the top light fixture.

Stain your Vanity

A great inexpensive way to update your bathroom is to stain your vanity and save money by not buying a new one! Vanities can be expensive and not to mention a pain to replace so take the easy route by just staining the one you have currently! Take things up a notch by also updating your handles as well and you’ve got a new vanity and less than half the cost!

shower head in Kelowna home bathroom

Update your shower

Update your Shower

Instead of changing out your shower or bathtub, just install a new showerhead. Very inexpensive option but is a great way to update your shower without breaking the bank. There are plenty of different options to choose from and you can buy one from nearly any deptartment store!

If you are looking more inexpensive bathroom updates for your Kelowna home, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. On top of giving you expert advice on the Kelowna real estate market, we’re here to ensure your home is the best shape to set your sale up for success. Contact one of our knowledgeable associates today 1-778-760-2860!


Top Biking Trails in the Okanagan


The sun is shining the grass is green and Summer is just around the corner. Take advantage of this beautiful weather by biking through our amazing city. The Okanagan is surrounded by beautiful beaches and parks so whether you are looking for an easy trail to bike with your kids and family or a moderate/difficult trail to get your heart rate up, we’ve got the top biking trails in the Okanagan for you to explore.

view from mountain biking trail in the Okanagan

Biking trails in the Okanagan

Smith Creek Trail

Located in West Kelowna is this moderate biking trail. There are great beginner trails at near the bottom where you can bring the family. The higher you go up the more difficult and intense the trail gets. Spend around 1-4 hours here and enjoy a afternoon bike ride while taking in the great views of the Okanagan.

Mission Creek Greenway

Mission Creek Greenway is a easy biking trail that is perfect for the whole family. Over 16 km long and running parallel to the Mission Creek, this trail is sure to excite the whole family. Each day more than 1,000 people use this trail and it is open all year long. Bring the dog, pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic while enjoying some of Kelowna’s great views.

person biking on a biking trail

Bike through the Myra Canyon Trestles

Myra Canyon

Great trail for hiking but also for biking! What is also great about Myra Canyon is you do not have to have your own bike as they do rentals on the trail. Not only do they rent adult and youth bikes but they also rent child-trailers for your little ones to join along! Enjoy the 18 trestles, 2 tunnels and spectacular views at Myra Canyon and you’ll know exactly why this made the list of top biking trails in the Okanagan.

If you are in search for your forever home that are in close proximity to top biking trails in the Okanagan, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Aside from giving you advice on the Kelowna real estate market, we want to ensure that your next Kelowna home ticks off all of your boxes. To begin your Kelowna home search, call Tracey Vrecko 1-778-760-2860!