Dock License requirements


There are important things to know about the dock license requirements for your waterfront property.  

Owning a home on Lake Okanagan has many perks, one of which is private moorage for your boat.  If you own a waterfront home or are thinking of buying waterfront property, there are dock license requirements that must be met.  

Dock Photo-Quincy Vrecko Waterfront Real Estate

When purchasing a waterfront home, the current dock license is not transferrable.   As a result, you must apply to have the license assigned once you take possession. Have your professional real estate agent ensure that dock meets necessary dock license requirements before buying a waterfront home.  Furthermore, each waterfront community has different requirements.

If there is no dock and you would like to build a dock, there are some of the dock license requirements you need to be aware of before building.  

Private mooring facilities are governed by the Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.  There are legal dock license requirements and approval process you must follow. The dock must be in compliance with by-laws and local zoning.  

While the common term is a dock license, there are actually no licenses issued anymore.  The term used now is either General Permission or Special Permission.  (but for the sake of this article we will continue using the wording dock license)

General Permission

If your dock meets the conditions and requirements outlined in the General Permission, you may be relinquished from having to submit an application.  

Here you can Download the General Permission guidelines to see if you dock license requirements.

Specific Permission

You will need specific permission in the following situations:

  • Where general permissions are prohibited
  • Stand-alone boat lift or permanent boat way
  • Group moorage

Applying for a lease

Leases are typically a 20-year term. The annual leasing fee is $200.00 if the area is under 2 000 square meters.  A higher fee will apply if the area is larger than 2 000 square meters.

Dock license requirements stipulate that all docks:Waterfont-Quincy Vrecko Kelowna Luxury Real Estate

  • Can not obstruct public access along the foreshore
  • Only one dock is permitted for each property
  • Must be in compliance with building regulations
  • Must provide proof of insurance by the waterfront property owner

Additionally, all docks must not:

  • Include covered structures
  • Be used for non-moorage purposes
  • Include solid core structures
  • Result in harm to the natural habitat

Regional Considerations for dock license requirements

Areas along the Okanagan shoreline are categorized into color-coded zones.  These are based on environmental sensitivity, from highest to lowest. These zones will determine what your dock license requirements and what type of dock you can build.  

Habitat color zones-Quincy Vrecko Kelowna Luxury Real Estate

Black zone – Critical Habitat Value

Red Zone-High Value

Yellow-Moderate Habitat Value

No Colour-Low or Unknown Habitat Value

There is no new construction in Black Zones, only repairs to grandfathered docks.  


In addition to the color zones, your dock license application will be assessed based on the risk level of negative impact on the environment.  To find out what zone your waterfront property falls under visit the interactive government map.

If you are a waterfront property owner looking to build a dock, or to modify your existing dock, contact the local Natural Resouce front counter at .  Here you can learn how you can meet the dock license requirements before your start.

Hire a Waterfront Specialist-Quincy Vrecko

quincy vrecko waterfront real estate agentFinally, if you are looking to buy a waterfront property in the Okanagan, work with a professional real estate agent.  Above all, find a waterfront specialist that understands the complexity of a waterfront home purchase.  Quincy Vrecko specializes in Waterfront homes in the Okanagan. Quincy can ensure the waterfront property you are purchase meets all dock license requirements so you can move in and enjoy your new home.


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Options before doing a price reduction on your listing

If you have your home listed for sale in Kelowna or surrounding area, an have not sold yet, you have probably thought of a price reduction.  

A price reduction is not always the answer.  Before doing a price reduction, consider these options:

Change up Marketing

Driveway 455 Lakepointe Kelowna Homes Quincy VreckoHigh-quality photos are incredibly important when listing your home for sale in Kelowna and area. You get a split second to capture the attention of home buyers.  If they don’t like what they see, your house listing could be passed by in an instant. If your MLS listing is not attracting potential buyers it could be as simple as changing the photos.  The feature photo should be the best photo of the house. You want to stop that buyer on your listing. Invest if great photography to avoid having to do a price reduction in the future.

Offer an incentive

In a balanced market or buyer’s market, a home buyer can be more specific in their expectations.  Especially when there is more inventory of house listings to choose from. There was a time when home buyers would look past having to do small improvements themselves. They now do not want to incur more cost once they move in.  

So instead of doing a price reduction, you can do the repair yourself or offer a credit to the home buyer to cover the cost of any small work needed to be done.  This way, you keep the price the same and the incentive could overcome the home buyer’s objection.

Target marketing

Is your house listing featured in the right places to attract the right home buyer for your home?  Long gone are the days of simply putting a home on the MLS and expecting it to sell. Target marketing is more important than ever.  The more exposure your home gets, the more home buyers you will be able to attract. So to do a price reduction before being fully exposed to all potential home buyers could be jumping the gun.  

target marketing-Quincy Vrecko Kelowna Real Estate

There are important factors to consider before looking at doing a price reduction.  

  • Do you have the right real estate professional working for you?
  • Did you get the right advice when pricing your house for sale?
  • Are you aware of the current market conditions?  (average days to sell)
  • Are you being kept informed about the marketing of your listing?
  • Does your house listing have a specialized marketing plan to attract the right home buyer?


The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates understand that every home is different.  A family home in Lower Mission will need different marketing than a modern townhouse in South Pandosy, or waterfront home in West Kelowna.  The team has a guarantee to set up each client for success and avoid having to do a price reduction. The team will price their homes according to market conditions, create a tailored marketing plan for the course of the listing and keep each seller informed.  Check out the 10 QVA Guarantees and call for your consultation today.


February Home Sales Stats

Residential home sales improve while the weather remains the same.

According to the Okanagan Mainline Real estate board, real estate home sales in February showed a significant increase over January sales.   With 292 transactions registering for the month of February and only 216 for January.  While overall real estate home sales are down from this time last year, the unusually colder weather and endless snow could be to blame.

Year to date, the number of residential home sales currently sit at 508 on a last year of 730.  This is a decrease of 31% from the previous year. However, economists remain optimistic despite challenges with new taxes and the mortgage stress test.  

Unlike the weather in the Okanagan, the real estate market in Kelowna and surrounding areas has remained relatively consistent for this time of the year.  The average selling price for a single-family residential home dropped slightly to $669 073 on a last year of $678 156. Furthermore, the inventory of homes for sale in Kelowna and surrounding areas are up slightly from 742 to 776 units.  

Feb 2019 monthly stats-Quincy Vrecko Kelowna Real Estate

Current Home sales changing Seller’s market to a Buyer’s market

There are now lower home sales volume and an increase in inventory.  This has contributed to the shift from a seller’s market to a more balanced real estate market.  If the trend continues Additionally, the average number of days to sell a home in Kelowna has gone up to 72 days.

Spring is around the corner!   This means warmer weather and the start of the busy spring selling season.  The chief economist of the BC Real Estate Association (BCREA) is optimistic and predicts a 2% increase in home sales this year.  

Year over Year real esate stats-Quincy Vrecko Kelowna Real Estate

The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates keep abreast of changes happening to the Kelowna Real estate market.  They understand the impact those changes have on the home sales, and adjust marketing plans to stay competitive.  It is critical to hire a real estate agent that can adapt to these changes. The team at QVA creates a tailored marketing plan to ensure your home sells.

Call the team to discuss a tailored marketing plan for your home.  

BC Speculation Tax

The Why, Who, When and How of the BC Speculation Tax

By now you’ve likely heard of the new BC speculation tax.  Whether you’ve followed the discussions on it in detail, or only heard about it in passing, the speculation tax is now a clear and present reality.  That said, it’s important you as a homeowner are aware of what it means.  How it affects you. This quick read will provide you with a brief outline of the speculation tax.  It will give you direction that you’ll want take immediately.

Speculation Tax-Quincy Vrecko Luxury Real EstateWhy?

The BC speculation tax was designed as a provincial measure aimed at tackling the housing crisis in BC’s major urban centers. Its purpose is to target both foreign and domestic speculators.  Those who own homes in BC, but don’t pay provincial taxes.  As well, the speculation tax seeks to turn empty homes into good housing opportunities.  Thus relieving both rental shortages and discriminatively high home prices.


The speculation tax is applicable to only those homeowners living within designated taxable regions in BC.  It’s believed that over 99% of British Columbians will be exempt from the tax. In order to be exempt, there are several facts you should know about how the speculation tax works, and about what you’ll need to do to ensure you’re handling it correctly.  

First and foremost, BC residents whose BC home qualifies as their primary residence (meaning they live there 6 months or more per year) will be considered exempt from the speculation tax.  As well, if you are a BC resident and you own property that is rented for at least 6 months out of a year, you may be considered exempt.

If you are a homeowner in BC, and you’re not a BC resident, then you will likely be subject to the speculation tax.  The rate at which you are taxed will differ according to your residential status and locale. Please consult with your accountant to determine your precise rate.  


To qualify for exemption from the BC speculation tax, each person on title needs to individually file a disclosure through the accepted methods.  The disclosure must be filed no later than March 31, 2019.

Failure to disclose by March 31, 2019 will result in mandatory payment of 0.5% of assessed property value.  If there are two people on title, and only person discloses, then the person who did not disclose will be expected to pay 0.5% on their half of the assessed property value.

How?house for sale-Quincy Vrecko and Associates

Applicable BC homeowners will need to file for exemption from the speculation tax each year.  Each homeowner on title will receive a notice by mail.  Then each individual must register either online at or by calling 1-833-554-2323

If you are required to pay the speculation tax, payment will be due July 2, 2019.

Obviously, any time a new tax is announced there’s a natural amount of confusion and perhaps some fear.  Knowing the facts, however, is key to keeping confusion minimal and fear at bay. Most important right now is that you’ve read this and are a little wiser as to how to proceed.  The BC speculation tax is upon us, so be sure to prepare yourself accordingly. If you’re a BC resident, and living within the taxable regions, then please do yourself a favor and file your disclosure for exemption immediately.  You won’t be sorry you did.

Call a team member at Quincy Vrecko and Associates for current real estate market statistics.

Real Estate Technology trends

Live Chat-New and improved Real Estate Technology

In a world of smartphones and getting information on the go, it is important to keep up with real estate technology trends.

Live Chat just as it sounds.  This real estate technology allows consumers to chat in real time with a member of our team.  You can ask anything from questions about a specific property to how much your home is worth. Day or night, there is an agent, a real agent, on the other end answering your questions.

Kelowna real estate technology trendsAs real estate technology evolves, more platforms are moving to taking out the personal touch of selling real estate in Kelowna, or any other market.  The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates recognize the need to for this technology and wanted to combine it with a personal touch which can be done with Live Chat.  

“Live Chat is not a robot.  Live chat is cutting edge real estate technology that allows each team member to be logged onto our website so we can answer questions from consumers in real time as they come in”. Says Tracey Vrecko, real estate marketing specialist and Realtor.

Live chat is a benefit to both buyers and sellers:

For Buyers:

Live chat real estate technology allows buyers to ask questions at anytime of day or night.   Without obligation of giving out any information about themselves or having to register.  They can ask about a property, area or market and get on the spot information from one of our experienced real estate agents.

For Sellers:

If you are listed with us at Quincy Vrecko and Associates you have the advantage of Live Chat real estate technology.   We can track when buyers are looking at your property and invite them to chat when they are on your listing.  This real estate technology gives us valuable insight on where activity is coming from and how buyers are accessing that information.

Laptop photo-kelowna real estate technology trendsLive Chat is a win-win for both buyers and sellers when the other end of the line is an actual person.  Many real estate teams use an automated system that doesn’t connect with an actual person which can cause frustration when trying to get a simple question answered.  This real estate technology will put you in touch with us so you can get your questions answered by a licenced real estate agent.

Live Chat is not only great for the real estate consumer.  Live Chat real estate technology allows us to view how our consumers are accessing our website, how long they have been browsing and even which city they are from.  It tracks if the visitor is new or returning for another look. This helps us target our marketing and track where buyers are coming from.

When you list with the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates, you get the advantage of this top of the line real estate technology.  This allows consumers to connect with your listing agents to get real time information about your property.  Call one of our team member for more information on all of our listing services and all other cutting edge real estate technology trends.


Local Real Estate news

Well known local real estate agent, Charlene Volk, joins Quincy Vrecko and Associates with RE/MAX Kelowna

The award winning team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates is pleased to announce their newest member Charlene Volk.  

Charlene was born and raised in Kelowna and has been in the local real estate industry for over 22 years.  Her experience started from the roots, in real estate administration and conveyancing where she progressed into a licenced real estate agent.  Charlene is an experienced local real estate agent dedicated to ensuring a smooth real estate transaction and a superior level of customer service.  

Charlene lives in Kelowna with her husband and 3 daughters.  When she is not in the office selling real estate, she is out enjoying the beautiful valley she grew up in.  She loves to go quadding and boating and to relax she curls up with a good book with her cat Milo.

Charlene’s clients love her for her honesty and appreciate her hard work ethic.  Well respected in the community, she is known for her integrity selling local real estate.  A natural fit to the Quincy Vrecko and Associates team, we welcome her aboard!

Quincy Vrecko and Associates is one of the top local real estate teams with RE/MAX Kelowna selling an average of 90 million dollars in Kelowna real estate a year .  The team offers a diverse skill set and specialises in all areas of real estate including Luxury home and waterfront properties, family homes, investment and recreational properties, condo and townhouses and developments.  

Read Charlene full Bio.

Sensitive Santa 2018

, ,


The Sensitive Santa program will be running again this year at Orchard Park Mall.

Quincy and I are honored to bring back the Sensitive Santa visits.   With the help of Orchard Park Mall and Autism Okanagan, these precious Santa visits are treasured memories.  Sensitive Santa is a private one on one visit for children who have sensory sensitivities.  The hustle and bustle of the mall at Christmas time would normally overwhelm children on the specturm.  These visits make it possible for childen with Autism to enjoy this time honored event. 

Our 8 year old son Paxton has Autism.  It is difficult for him to enjoy a visit with Santa when there are crowds of people, bright lights and loud music.  Five years ago after a stressful attempt to visit Santa at the mall, we came up with idea of Sensitive Santa.Sensitive Santa-Quincy Vrecko real estate

The elements that would make a Santa visit a disaster for us, we now control with the help of Orchard Park Mall.  

Sensitive Santa visits are a success because we:

  • After hours-in order to ensure no large crowds
  • Each visit by appointment only- so every family doesn’t have to wait in line and has 5 minutes of privacy
  • Turn off the music and dim the lights- to ensure sensory sensitive environment

We controll the environment, therefore it has created priceless moments with families.   Before the Sensitive Santa program, these families have not been able to step foot in the mall.  Let alone to visit Santa at Christmas time.  

Autism Spectrum Disorder (known as ASD) is range of conditions. They are characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication.  In Canada, 1 in 68 children are currently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  This makes Autism the fastest growing and most commonly diagnosed neurological disorder in Canada.

Quincy and I hope to be able to bring more programs like Sensitive Santa to the Okanagan.  When I am not selling real estate, I am working with Autism Okanagan.  I am proud to be the acting president for the board of directors.  I am growing awareness in the community and increase activities for families living with a loved one on the Autism spectrum.

sensitive santa quincy and tracey vrecko

Dates for this year are December 2nd, December 9th and December 16th.

To register for Sensitive Santa visit

Tracey Vrecko



Best exposure for your Kelowna Listing

When listing a home for sale, you want to make sure you are set up for success. 

Your Kelowna listing must be seen by as many buyers as possible.  Even those outside of Kelowna.  

Sure the MLS, or, is a great tool when looking for homes for sale in Kelowna.  But how is your Kelowna listing getting to those outside of Canada, or even North America?

Every Kelowna listing with Quincy Vrecko and Associates is advertised internationally.  Even more, their listings are in over 100 different countries and territories worldwide.  All listings are then translated into 29 different languages to ensure, clear, effective marketing all over the world.

Quincy Vrecko and Associates with RE/MAX International is in more countries than any other real estate brand.  Therefore, your Kelowna listing with the Quincy and Vrecko associates team gives your listing the advantage over others.  This exposure reaches potential buyers looking outside of Kelowna, Canada and even North America.

195 upper canyon drive-quincy vrecko and assoicates kelown real estate

Here is an example with our beautiful listing at 195 Upper Canyon Drive in Wilden:

In English:

This executive home is located on one of the largest lots in the growing community of Wilden. Sitting on more than ½ an acre surrounded by parkland.  The home boasts stunning panoramic views, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, large landscaped yard, 28 ft pool, hot tub, and covered patio.

In Spanish:

Esta casa ejecutiva se encuentra en uno de los lotes más grandes de la creciente comunidad de Wilden. Sentado en más de un acre y medio rodeado de zonas verdes, la casa cuenta con impresionantes vistas panorámicas, 4 habitaciones, 3 baños completos, un gran patio ajardinado, piscina de 28 pies, jacuzzi y patio cubierto.

In German:

Das Executive-Haus befindet sich auf einem der größten Grundstücke in der wachsenden Gemeinde Wilden. Auf mehr als einem halben Hektar, umgeben von Parkland, bietet das Haus einen atemberaubenden Panoramablick, 4 Schlafzimmer, 3 Badezimmer, großen Garten, 28ft Pool, Whirlpool und überdachte Terrasse.

In Simplified Chinese:

这座行政住宅位于Wilden不断发展的社区中最大的地段之一。 酒店坐落在占地超过半英亩的公园内,享有壮丽的全景,设有4间卧室,3间全套浴室,大型园景庭院,28英尺的游泳池,热水浴池和带顶棚的庭院。


So when you are considering selling your home in Kelowna, your only choice is Quincy Vrecko and Associates.  The team will make sure your Kelowna Listing has the right exposure.   As a result, you can secure a sale quickly and for top dollar.  The team has experience with Luxury homes, Waterfront properties, family homes, townhouses and condominiums and recreational properties.

Contact us for more information of our listing services.

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Kelowna Real Estate market is Shifting to a Balanced Market

What is a balanced market and what does that mean for home buyers and sellers.  Tracey Vrecko, a Kelowna Realtor from RE/MAX Kelowna sheds some light on the shift in the Kelowna Real Estate market.  

The Kelowna real estate market is not the doom and gloom the media is making it out be, in fact, the decrease in sales activity and the increase in inventory has balanced out a heated marketed that was putting stress on both buyers and sellers.


There are several factors responsible for this shift in the Kelowna Real Estate Market.

row of for sale signs-Quincy Vrecko and Associates-Kelowna Real Estate

row of for sale signs

Increase in Inventory of homes for Sale in Kelowna  

According the the Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board, the number of single family homes for sale in Kelowna has risen to just over 1550 units.  This is nearly double over this time last year where single family listings were sitting just under 800 units, creating a strong sellers market. This increase in inventory has cooled the heated market giving buyers more choice and sellers more competition.




Changing mortgage rules

New federal guidelines came into effect at the beginning of 2018 that has put a stress test on those who are looking for a mortgage.  This is not only making it more difficult for homebuyers to qualify for a mortgage, it is also decreasing buying power by approximately 20%.  This has had a significant impact on the Kelowna real estate market as homebuyers are now having to re-evaluate their needs when it comes to buying a home.  For more detailed infomation on the changes visit

taxes-Quincy Vrecko and Associates-Kelowna Real Estate



Speculation Tax

When the NDP government took control of the province of BC, the prime Minister John Horgan put forward the controversial Speculation Tax to aid in BC’s housing crisis.  Since it’s conception, this tax has since been revised due to the backlash of homeowners and investors, and has yet to be passed. Even the idea of this speculation tax has made the public nervous and has decreased buyers confidence in the housing market.  For more information on the Speculation Tax



Kelowna Realtor, Tracey Vrecko comments:

“This shift in our market has created a balance that will be better for home Buyers and Sellers.  For someone buying a home in Kelowna, this shift will allow them to take more time making this big decision and not feel as rushed as they did 6 months ago.  And for Sellers listing their home, with the increase in inventory of homes for sale in Kelowna, this has opened up options for when their home sells.”

With all the changes to the Kelowna Real Estate market it is more important than ever to have an experienced Kelowna Realtor working on your behalf.  Your real estate professional should keep you up to date on the factors affecting the market and how this will impact your home buying or selling experience.  


Quincy Vrecko and Associates are a group to top real estate agents in Kelowna and service the surrounding areas.  Kelowna Realtor Tracey Vrecko has been in real estate for 16 years and has vast knowledge and experience with changing markets.