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Michael Jones

Kelowna Real Estate Agent – RE/MAX Kelowna

Michael A. Jones brings a wealth of experience to both his residential and commercial clients.  Prior to joining Quincy Vrecko & Associates, he was a Realtor® with Re/Max in Williams Lake, BC.  As of December 2018, he turned his focus to the Okanagan market.

Michael’s experience as a professional communicator and educator place him in a unique leadership position to guide you in either the sale or purchase of real estate.  He understands that buying and selling real estate is an intense learning process. It’s filled with many new and unique dimensions. No two sales are alike. His ability to help you make sense of the often fragmented and stressful elements of the process comes from over 15 years in communication leadership experience.   In short, you can trust that he’ll help facilitate the process with deft professionalism.

He shoots straight, and speaks the direct truth at all costs.  He may tell you things that uncomfortable to hear, but they will be the things that you need to hear.  He communicates with the motive of helping you have enough information to make the best possible choices for yourself.

He admits humility enough to know he knows only so much—like any quality professional, he understands that his learning ends only when he does.  Which means, he not only researches his subject matter ferociously, if he doesn’t know something, he’s committed to finding out the answer in as timely a manner possible.

Michael completed a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Oregon State University, and achieved a Master’s degree in Speech Communication from North Dakota State University.  From 2002 until 2017, Michael worked as a university Professor of Communication in South Korea. In addition, he served as a freelance professional communication consultation for Samsung Electronics, Korea Telecom, and SK Engineering & Construction.  He also appeared weekly as a radio host on TBS 101.3fm Seoul. He is married, and has a slightly white goldfish named Fred–which is short for Frederick Von Gillandguts.